Friday, February 17, 2006

Happy Bithday to ME . . .


Anonymous said...

Yes happy mirthday, kirsten.

If it is really your birthday, happy birthday and stuff.


Anonymous said...

Oh! Happy birthday, Kirsten, and many
to you!
(from the notorious anonymous)

Lexcen said...

Happy Birthday Kirsten.
Have a lovely day.

BBC said...

"Reincarnated today in YOUR body and is still only a drunk, hallucinating whore-horse...Right??"

Not reincarnated, omnipresent. Yup, still drink to help put up with the world.

But aside from what you think, Jesus was a one woman man, as am I. You can't blame Jesus for liking sex. It's why the spiritual are here, to experience it with these physical body's.

Just haven't found the right woman since discovering my spirituality.

Jesus wasn't always spiritual you know, he also evolved.


Happy Birthday

You old horse


Or have you lost all sense of humor?

The Phosgene Kid said...

Happy Birthday and may you have many more!! That is so great, I hope you spoiled yourself!! You deserve a great celebration.