Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Microchip and Mark of the Beast . . .

Since my book "Tell Me Who I Am" got released, I frequent get e-mails from readers who refer to web-sites that "prooves" that what has happened to me also happen to others . . . and that even worse things is going on . . .

Read the following . . . .

The Microchip and Mark of the Beast:
A Stronger reason to Prepare than Earth Changes

Around 1993 my husband Michael was at a show. During the show, a man in his mid 20s started talking with Michael and told him the following story.
It seems this man, lets call him Dave, was a member of the military. Dave was shopping at the Military PX (their general store) and he was checking out. It was right before closing because everyone was trying to get out of the store quickly and was hurried. A man in front, let's call him Jim, checked out all of his items, about two grocery bags full. Without thinking about it, after checking the last item Jim ran his hand over the scanner - AND IT REGISTERED!!!!! It came up on the screen. The screen treated his hand as a debit card!!!
Jim realised he had messed up. He was supposed to be in another check-out line where people were not meant to see what happened.
The cashier was very flustered. She made Jim back out the transaction and made him pay the normal way.
Dave then checked out also, and outside asked Jim some questions. Jim told Dave that it was a government program. He and about two hundred other people volunteered to accept a chip implant in their hand for payment purposes. He was paid $20,000-$30,000 (can't remember which) for this!!! It worked only at the Military PX.
So, you can see, 'they' are already getting systems in place for the cashless society they dream of.

What do you think, is it a reason to worry???


Kirsten N. Namskau said...

The web-site aslo say:
"After all, they are selling some versions now to put in pets and children."
This kind of chip is obligatoric in animals. I have a dog, if I go abroad and want it with me...I HAVE TO PUT THE CHIP IN HIS NECK.
Also, the news is that the chip is placed automatically in ALL NEW PASSPORTS.
As a Scandinavian, I can travel free to USA without Visa, BUT ONLY IF MY PASSPORT HAS THE CHIP.
The chip holds ALL private data about you. Medical records, juridical records, economical records, marital status, religion, etc. etc.....

Jeannie said...

Scary stuff - yet it seems so practical

Hammer said...

The science magazines have been touting this RFID technology for years telling us how great it's going to be.

I want NO part of it.

When people tell me this will be the mark of the beast I have a hard time disagreeing.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Hammer: You know ... It is then all the talk about common/united thoughts, "instinctive" action etc. takes a new perspective.
Is it common thoughts or is it an order to humanity from a "higher" source?

Infinitesimal said...

the real ID program has this chip, all Americans have to have the real ID including the chip, with information such as blood type, and if they want to they can make it so that there is also a retinal scan of your eye included.

it will be mandatory for all americans to carry the ID at all times.

it is already a bill that has been ratified, it is already happening.

you cannot buy gas without it.

1993 was almost 15 years ago.

i have no passport

now if i get one, i will have one with a chip in it??

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Infintesimal: Yes, that's correct.
I have a friend from Russia, and she told me that when she made the new passport, they scanned her eyes and the building of her face. They took both hand-prints and finger-prints and she was told that if she does any plastic surgery, she was obligted to tell the authorities and make a new passport, otherwise she could be jailed for fraud.
She showed me her new passport and as you say, the IDs are made in the same way and they are obligted to carry it all the time.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

This also shows the crime from the "other side". Because IF/WHEN somebody "dissapear" animal or human with chip, and they "don't find them" ... It in reality shows WHO is behind the so called "dissapering".
They find whoever they want whenever they want, and if they "don't find" the missing person, child or animal ... it is because they have no interest in them being found.

The Phosgene Kid said...

The military did a lot of things to me, but no chips, so far...

Lexcen said...

If microchips can stop the wrong procedure being performed on the wrong person in hospital then I'm in favor of it. The other day I went to hospital for minor surgery and they tagged both my wrist AND my ankle. They asked me the same questions three times on three different occasions. Wouldn't a microchip have been more efficient?
We have also had sensational news stories of people being deported because officials couldn't verify who they were because of mental illness. There's another good reason to microchip people. No more forgetting wallet and no more carrying cash, just pay with the swipe of the wrist. I like it.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Phos: Or you maybe don't know that you have it.
90% of all that have the chip don't know themselves, because they have not been told or asked.
The chip can be paced so easy you can get scared. (Per example: Through an injection, with a special instrument looking like a pen, they "shoot" it in under you skin in the neck, behind the ear etc. With that instrument, they can even "shoot" in the chip in a official place, in a crowd of people per.ex.)
Sometimes, when the chip is accidently discovered by an un-informed doctors etc. they claim it is something happened under a so called abduction by alien.

(So much for aliens!!)

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Lexcen: I don't think they will prevent/stop anything, they will rather excuse everything, because then it is done in the "hand" of the mentors of the individuals.
Like those who did the action of 9/11. They were controlled and acted like robots via the chip.
SOOOO, what are we /they complaining about??
Why are they complaining?

Paul F. said...

I remember in the early 80's at church they showed a movie about the end days and what it would be like. If this is true what you say, there was a segment that described the same scenario that you just described in your post. From what I know, they are already putting these things in clothing and other item you buy at Wal-Mart and other places like that so that they can track you as you pass certain sensors.

jin said...

I have read a LOT about this subject & it makes me sick to my stomach!

I will even do everything in my power to MAKE SURE my dog NEVER has one put in her. Yes, this means I can not ever travel outside the US with her. So be it. I have read it causes cancer in dogs in the back of the neck where it is implanted.

They've been doing it to cows here for years now. They said it was to trace where people's 'meat' comes from. I don't believe that for a second. I think they were just experimenting.

It's a very scary world. I hope every single day that good will triumph over evil in the end.