Sunday, July 01, 2007

When did the world go crazy? . . .


I got a letter from concerning sale of my book “Tell Me Who I Am” as an eBook.
It says . . .
digitalrights skrev:

Hello from D igital Text,

Residents of countries outside of the U.S. must use
banking information for payment, and the bank should
be based in the U.S.
You may want to check for an
affiliated branch in your country. A U.S. based Internet
bank should be fine also. Unfortunately, PayPal is not
available payment for residents outside of the U.S.
Thanks for your interest in eBooks.
The D igital Text Team

Here in Egypt we have only City-bank, but to receive money from they claim that I have to open a business account. Which means that I have to show paper of proof that I have put in at least LE 30 000,- ( U.S. $ 5 217,-) and have at least 3 employees.
Since I don’t have any business, I can not get any account.
I have Norwegian Passport and am from Norway, but in Norway they don’t have any U.S based banks. I am Danish citizen, but in Denmark they don’t have any U.S based banks neither.
I went into U.S Internet banking, but they serve only U.S citizen.
Does this means that I will not get my money for sold books, because I do not have an account in a U.S bank???
Yes . . . that is exactly what it means in practice.
When did it become common that the debtors were to order you to where they want to send your money?
I thought it was me who decided what bank I want to use, and whoever owe me money should pay into that account after my request ! ! ! ! !
Has it also become like this that it is the criminal person of an act that shall decide what lawyer the victim shall use?? (He maybe choose a lawyer that is a friend of the criminal part of the case.)
Who is it that decides where I shall live? What food I shall eat?

I feel as if I missed out something here . . . . WHEN EXACTLY DID THE WORLD GO CRAZY??


The Phosgene Kid said...

That does sound crazy. Why would Amazon care where the money was coming from as long as they get their cut?

Lexcen said...

There must be other options for you.
Are there any companies doing business online in Egypt? What system do they use for payments?

curmudgeon said...

Since in an earlier post you were talking about how crooked banks in those countries were, how can you blame Amazon for not wanting to trust them?

Infinitesimal said...

we have Citibank in the USA

I don't know if it is the same as the one that you have there.

what about mobypocket?

do you still get the money from that sale?

If so, you should post a link at the end of this post and direct readers there.

(In my opinion)

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Phos: It's about controll

Lexcen: It is vey few internet companies here in Egypt, and I do not know how they are doing it.

curmudgeon: Amazon doesn't have to trust MY bank. It's me that shall trust MY bank. The same in a court. The accused one is not the one that shall trust the lawyer of the victim, it's the victim that shall trust his/her own lawyer.
This has to do with POWER ... a silent war.
If you are not U.S. citizen, your options of life are limited. And it is not ONLY to move to USA. They have rules for that too.

infinitesimal: It is the same bank. And more so ... when I told a friend of mine, she told me a story about her daughter's experience with her bank. She had used VISA-card to pay for a subscription on a business-magazine, and the bank refused to release the money and cancelled the subscription.
When she asked why and how they could deny her to buy that subscription, they told her that they couldn't see that she needed that magazine.