Saturday, October 03, 2015

The forbidden book

(Bogen der blev forbudt at sælge i ”mainstream” boghandlere af de Norske myndigheder. Den er skrevet på nemt forståelig ”skole-engelsk” .)

The book got forbidden to publish through mainstream publishers and bookstores by the Norwegian government. Review:
It is actually an autobiographical work that is more terrifying than any horror novel and at times more sorrowful than the classic tragic dramas.
If you are a skeptical person like I am I urge you to keep an open mind when reading this book. Kirsten Namskau reminds the reader many times that you are free to take or leave any of the experiences she describes.
I believe she put it succinctly when her book was described as the authentic Divinci Code .
I was able to relate to some chapters right away because my father studied yoga and spiritual meditation and my mother was a psychic and clairvoyant.
I have personally witnessed some of the phenomena that Kirsten describes in her book and like her, I don't care who believes me.
"Tell Me Who I Am" is definitely a page turner no matter what your spiritual or political beliefs are. This book trancends, religion, spirituality, politics and social morality.
After reading this book, don't be surprised if you look over your shoulder a little more often.

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