Sunday, January 31, 2016

"Jewellery Law" vs. Social welfare

By Kirsten Nour Namskau

They talk  so much these days  regarding refugees / immigrants and how they are treated on arrival and further developments.
What surprises me most is the politicians, who come with criticism of domestic austerity of the  refugee law, be it the number of refugees, border control and the so-called "necklace law".

The general Danish citizen has an opinion, so his case, they may not know how cash-help  from  the social welfare works against Danish nationals, so they talk with the heart and not of knowledge or with the head.

When a Danish national comes on cash-help from the social welfare,  he or she also have to sell everything they have of values ​​before they get anything from the municipality. Be it jewelry, fur, holiday-home, car, boat, designer clothing / shoes / furniture is to be sold to buy something cheaper. When all these conditions are met, you can get cash.
 Now that you have cash, you cannot spend neither the money nor time as you like. You cannot use the money to go to a restaurant, meals for guests or buy gifts to family and friends (either birthday or Christmas) nor having family or friends for an overnight stay or on holiday which requires feeding, (then they must pay separately), you cannot go on vacation or travel abroad (not even if it's to visit family. One must in case seek permission) Do not use taxi.

Have you told the authority that you are single / single parent, you risk getting a surprise visit from a "blanket lifter" that will check that conditions really are  as told and the number of children  is correct according to applicant.
These facts should the politicians know about before  they attack each other.
It is clear that we all want to help, but according to aid abilities and means. When we at the same time are complaining about  domestic austerity at the health-care sectors of society, we must begin to see the totality of what is happening and put things in perspective.

1)    When someone come as a refugee to Denmark, it should be expected that they respect the law and rules of the country. When they start at the border and put demands on where to live, what country they want to go to, decline to register, create riots and demonstrations and already here begin doing crimes. . . Even then, they should be sent back where they came from.

2)     When they speak to TV and newspapers about how paltry their conditions are and complain that they have to stay in tents. I have to say. . .  I agree with Inger Støjberg. . . "If the same type of tent is used for to house our soldiers when they are at war, then these kind of tents also are good enough for the refugees until one knows whether they will stay in the country at all.

3)     When they also claim to know their rights and are entitled to both money, housing, clothing and food, without even needed to perform . . . Then I have to ask;  What rights did they have where they came from ???

Hello. . . They  are not entitled to anything. They have not helped to provide for welfare in our country. We do the best we can . . . and if that is not good enough, then no one are stopping them from going back where they came from.

4)     When they now criticize that they need to deliver all valuables, then it's just according to ordinary Danish law in Denmark, you must follow to get cash.

5)     One call up on how terribly it is that they cannot get their family reunion
before after 3 years. . . . I will here point out  this fact that they must ha assessed this before they left home and talked to the family about this problem. They cannot have taken this journey completely "blue-eyed".

Moreover, there are many others (Danish)people who also see their children rarely. Ex. Divorce leads many times to one party does not see his children as often as desired. Sailors see his kids many times only once in the year. Many diseases requires that you refrain from your children, forced withdrawal of children from parents where you risk getting only 1 hour each 14.dag with the child under supervision, so you cannot even take them to Zoo or do anything else that is quality time, correctional-stay (if you are in jail) requires that you might not get to see your children for years. . . . (Only to name some conditions)
We cannot begin to romanticize the refugees. They have made a choice, and they must stand by it. It should not be the case that it is we who must take all the problems for them.

And when they were granted residence permits, it is they who must abide our law and rules. . . It is not we who must change by their laws and rules, religion and culture. They are not entitled to the river of money to build mosque, temple or synagogue, even if we have freedom of religion, so anyone can practice his religion in silence. They should, like all other "Christian" groups, get the money they need from the members of the religion and build or rent housing for the purpose.

I have never heard per example that The Jehovas Witnesses receive State funding to build “house of devotion”  and subsidizes  to ongoing renovations, or the 7-days Saints (The Mormons), the Pentecostal Brethren, Adventists, Asa-believer, atheist community or any other religious group, as is customary here, has been given any State support / subsidizes to follow their  religion. (It's possible I'm wrong)

If these people want to be in Denmark, they must also accept that they are treated as usual Dane at the various offices. They should not be given specialized treatment. . . It leads to racial discrimination.

The artist Ai Weiwei draws its exhibition back, he about  that. . . He knows nothing about  Danish legislation and regulations, and he is the last who should  try to set up rules for how and what Denmark should do.

When it comes to all the criticism from other countries, then I ask simply: "What makes these countries better for the refugees coming to their country?"

Has China received any refugees? Will China, the US and other countries allow refugees who had come to them, free schooling for children, free medical care, help with  the housing and get money for furniture and food without refugees themselves give something back? Free education to get work, free language course to learn the country's language? Soft transition to new work and providing them with state funds to build mosques, temples or synagogues so they can enjoy their individual religions and to start businesses to sell their special food? I just ask ???

Not to talk about Kofi Annan. . . Why does he interfere?? Does he know Danish legislation and regulations? How do immigrants to the African continent get if anyone comes to the Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya or South Africa ???
Or is his criticism to ensure that refugees from these countries can demand anything they want, when they come as refugees to Europe, because your own country is hell ??
No, Kofi Annan. . . Clean up your own ranks before you criticize Denmark.

They, who criticize Denmark, should be ashamed. Denmark is a small country, and in relation to its size and population, the country and the individual citizen give A LOT! !
We have nothing to be ashamed of. . . We give what we have physically, mentally and financially, both individually as citizens and stately.
Politicians grant as much as they think is reasonable in relation to what each Danish citizen receives, and as much they believe they can defend against its own citizens.

I am not against helping the refugees, but we must not let other countries decide what to do and how much we should give financially.

Each country should put its own house in order before they start criticizing Denmark.
Now it turns out as well that Sweden also is going to reject many of the refugees and send them back to where they came from. It will be interesting to see how much criticism they get for that act and from which country.

There is also a limit to how much you have available when it comes to help.
And what about Greece??? They pierced the rubber boats with refugees and was the cause of many drowned. . . That is how interested they were in to help.

Moreover, dear Danish citizen. . . I can ask. . . How many in your circle is an immigrant? It is like this,  when they have obtained a residence permit and a place to stay, then they must also be integrated, which means that they must infiltrated and mingle with the Danish population and have Danish friends and acquaintances. Children must also circumvent the children of immigrants and have friends among them.

How big is this opportunity when they get clustered together in ghettos, as the immigrants themselves say is a dangerous place to live or move into if one is a Dane?
I saw a program on TV about immigrants, where the program director and cameraman were to visit a ghetto. When they entered the area, the immigrant told the cameraman; "Here, do not shoot, because then we have problems." What kind of message is this to give a Dane?? We live in a free country and it is not an immigrant who will decide where we can be and what we are allowed to do in our own country.

There are both positive and negative sides by receiving immigrants, and unfortunately it is always like, that it is the difficult ones and criminals who destroy the opportunities for the rest.  It is like this in all situations, at all levels.
We must also be careful that we do not end up as hypocrites, just to give a great picture of the country outward to the world, while we were not actually so excited about these new arrivals.

Can I ask, how many times have you invited an immigrant to a birthday party, celebration or a new year's party?

Why is a residential area, less valued and fell in price if immigrants live in the area?
Why do we criticize their way of dressing, head dress, use of the burqa and nigab?
Is it only we who live in a free country and can dress like we want or go naked for that matter, while immigrants' demands to go dressed like us, and use bikini at the beach? Why is a Muslim swimsuit that looks like a diving suit with hood and long legs,  not accepted at the public baths?

Why are they called "perkere", "pakkis", "negro buns" and "monkeys". . . Even by the police. . . (although they deny it,  the rest of us know its true.)?
Why is it that we think it is an immigrant who is the culprit, every time it happens something, or often is the first we assume in every case?

Is it because we think it's good and it's just our manner and way to welcome them?

BE HONEST TO YOUSELF NOW. . You can lie to anybody to give the impression that you are not one of them that have anything against immigrants. . . But think carefully and "see" deep inside yourself to find the truth now. 

If we want to welcome them into our country, we must also treat them with respect and welcome them into our lives. Do we really ?? I just ask.

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