Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Food for the soul . . .
As I jumped off the building . . .

~ I saw the known loving couple in 10th floor hitting each other

~ In 9th floor, I saw the usually tough and strong Peter crying

~ In 8th Mary just found her fiancée is sleeping with her best friend

~ In 7th floor, Daniella is taking her daily anti-depression medicine

~ Jobless Hans in 6th floor, still buys 7 newspaper to search for job every day

~ Much respected Mr. Wong in 5th floor, is trying his wife’s undergarment

~ Rose in 4 floor, is fighting again with her boyfriend

~ The old man in 3rd floor, is every day hoping that someone would come by and pay
him a visit

~ In 2nd floor, Lilly is still staring at the picture of her lost husband since half year ago

~ Before I jumped from the building, I thought I was the most unlucky person

~ Now I realized that everyone have their own problems and worries

~ After I have seen all these people’s problems and worries, I found out . . . In fact I wasn’t that bad off at all

~ I think . . . After they see me now, they might feel they are not that bad after all

“It’s Nice to BE Important but it’s more Important to Be NICE” ---


Jeannie said...

Poor guy who jumped off the building - no brakes.

I would love if you could send me the diet.

Thank you so much!

Hammer said...

great post!

So many get caught up in their own worries that sometimes they lose sight of the big picture.

Lexcen said...

Suicide is about taking control of a life that has spun out of control. It's a desperate act of course caused by a feeling of helplessness. We all like to think we're in control to some degree.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Well said, Lexcen. That is so true.