Saturday, February 03, 2007

It is not what you say. . .
But the way you say it.

A girl asked a guy if he thought she was pretty,

She asked him if he would want to be with her forever..
and he said no.
She then asked him if she were to leave would he cry,
and once again he replied with a no.

She had heard enough.
As she walked away, tears streaming down her face the boy grabbed her arm and said...

You're not pretty you're beautiful.
I don't want to be with you forever, I NEED to be with you forever.
And I wouldn't cry if you walked away...I'd die...


BBC said...

Love is an insanity. Argh!!!!!

Princess Saphire said...

Love is a beautiful thing, and when you have people whom you can share your love with, it will be the greatest thing.