Saturday, September 16, 2006

The face of a crime. . .

By Kirsten Nour Namskau

I read a blog, warning about a “new” kind of approach from criminal people like murders, burglars etc.
Be aware of that crime is all over the world . . . One place is not any better than another. The biggest danger is; if you listen to people who warn you against the warnings and say it’s not true.
All over the world we have “copy-cats” who takes ideas from movies, news-papers and even jokes. If a person has a criminal mentality, they try out everything.

Many years ago, in Scandinavia, I was with my oldest son, shopping clothes. I had parked my car at the dock and we went into the center of the city near by.
After all the shopping, we went back to the car. On distance I notice a group of 4 – 5 youth. Well dressed, “well” behaved and it seemed that they were about to say “good-bye” to each other after a “get-together.”
As usually, I took precaution for the unexpected and locked up the door at the visitor’s side . . . . showed my son in and pushed down the auto-lock on his door before I closed it.
I went to my side, opened the door and locked it as I closed the door again, after I had entered the car.
Just as I put the key in the starter, one of the boys came slandering up to my side of the car and made signals to me; if I had matches to light his cigarette. I don’t smoke, so I didn’t have matches and told him so.
He asked me to open the window, since he could not hear me, he said. He asked for the time.
I told him the time and started the car, without opening the window.
I told my son to put on the seat-belt and not for any reason open the window. Because now, the other men had come to his side, trying to talk to him through the window and told him to open the window.
Their behavior got more and more aggressive as they tried to open the door, only to discover that it was locked at both sides.
Four of them, then went to the front of the car and leaned up to it to prevent me from start driving, while one was at my door starting to knock at the door and window to force me to open it.
It was neither other people nor a guard at the parking-plot as I could see.
I started to drive with very slow speed, to push the men away from the front of my car.
They did not move . . . only let themselves be pushed. I stopped and tried to use the honk to make S.O.S. signal to any guard, police or any other people who by chance were close enough to hear me. No one heard me and the youth started to laugh as they all the time got more violent in their behavior.
I told my son to sit tight, because I now was going to make a “karate-kick” with my car.
I again started to drive slowly enough for the boys to manage being pushed to walking level in front of the car, slowly I rose the speed to “running-level” for the boys, who still refused to move away from the front of the car. I rose the speed even a little more. Then one of the boys pushed himself up on the motor of the car and sat there.
It was then I make the “karate-kick” . . . . In fast reactions . . . I put one foot on the brake and the other on the speed-pedal. This makes the motor to “noise up” as if you suddenly take high speed, but actually stand still, at the same moment I put the car in reverse and backed fast a few meter. This brought the boy on the copper to glide off and because of the noise with the motor; the other had a reflective reaction and jumped aside. I fast put the car in pulling-gear again made a swing and drove away. Still one of the guys tried to hold on to the door at my side. He eventually had to let go and we drove home.
Some of these kinds of criminals are using a kind of spray which immediately putts you off. So if you open the window, it takes them only a second to spray your face and you go immediately unconscious. They may rape you, steel from you or even kill you . . . and it’s no sign of violence.

Quite recently, here in Egypt, I got a warning from a friend of mine . . . after the “Bird-flue” came to Egypt, some criminals saw their chance. They go two and two to people’s home and knock at their door. They tell they represent the government to give free “bird-flue” vaccine.
Several people have showed them in to get the vaccine. In the same minute you have got the vaccine, you become unconscious and they rob your home for everything. You wake up to an empty home . . . and it is no sign of violence, neither on you nor your home.

This is not any bogus or urban legend you are warned not to take serious in any link from a web-site. (Such link is a dangerous link and for sure made by criminals.)
This is a real story from my private life and I am not the only one. If you read news-paper at all . . . it’s full of similar stories and even worse.
So . . . watch out there . . . where-ever you are in the world.


tony said...

Thanks for the "heads up," Kirsten. We've got those same hoodlums here in the U.S. They do whatever they can to beg, borrow and steal. Little bastards!

dragonlady474 said...

You are one smart lady. Good job!
I've had many weird encounters. One involved a man following me home from a video store after I smiled and said "hello" to him in the store. Keep in mind it could have been anyone walking by me in the store and I would have smiled and said "hello". So I'm walking home and I get the feeling that someone is following me. I didn't want to be blatant and just turn around so I crossed the street and in looking both ways to cross, I see the man from the video store. I walked a bit faster and then noticed an alley coming up and didn't want to get pulled into it, so I spun around quickly and said LOUDLY, "What do you want?". He said something stupid like, he thought we could go to my house and have fun. I shook the video tape at him and yelled (attracting attention to us), "Are you f*cking crazy, I don't even know you??!!" And I threatened to shove the video tape up his *ss. He took off running in the opposite direction. heh

Crashtest Comic said...

Egypt. Wow, that's hot.

lexcen said...

I admire your courage and intelligence. I wish my wife was as clever as you. One day she nearly got raped because she let a taxi driver into our house for a glass of water. That time she was lucky, but very stupid.

MrsJoseGoldbloom said...

Unfortunately this world is full of criminals...and I despise every last one of them.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Yes, you know...we suppose to care for eachother, but that quality starts to become more and more dangerous.

dragonlady474 said...

Yep, which is why I now carry pepper spray with me.