Tuesday, September 26, 2006

You have to be healthy to dear to be sick. . .

By Kirsten Nour Namskau

If you have not study medicine yourself . . . you better be healthy when you are in Egypt.
After several experiences with doctors, I have given up and trust my own judgement first of all.
Thanks God, I have never had any serious illness or accident, but if something happened . . . I have a doctor in Israel I am going to go to.
My first experience with a doctor here in Egypt, was 15 years ago . . . .
I didn’t feel sick, only had some chough because of the pollution here, but my neighbour thought I was sick and had flu.
So . . . she immediately phoned her brother who was a “doctor”. He didn’t know me nor had he seen me, but over the phone he prescribed me some medication, without my knowing.
The next day, my neighbour came to me with a plastic-bag full of medicine . . . . 25 different kinds of medications.
I looked thorough them . . . one for coughing, one in the case I had ear-ache, one in the case I had fever, One in the case I had head-ache, one to prevent pneumonia, one . . . . .
I looked up at my friend . . . . “What kind of doctor are you brother?” I asked
“Gynaecologist” she answered . . . .
Every day, I took one pill of each and threw in the toilet . . . and everybody was happy.
Another time, I really had some trouble with my stomach. I asked around to find a good doctor. One friend of mine, who are in the upper social class and is the type: ‘ only the best is good enough’ recommended me to go to her doctor.
I went . . . He examined me . . . then he said: “Who is with you?”
I replied: “No one. I am single, live alone and come alone.”
He said: “So then, who shall I talk to? “
“Me” I answered: “You tell me what is wrong, prescribe the medication and tell me how to use it and I take it myself.”
He said: “No, I’m sorry. We don’t do it like that here in Egypt. You have to come with someone I can explain things for and whom I can give the medication to.”
I asked: “Do you mean that whoever shall medicate me without my knowing with medication I don’t know or for what reason I take?”
He continued without listening to me: “Don’t you have any male neighbour or friend . . . it has to be a man . . .not a woman.”
I asked: “Why a man?”
He replied: “How can I tell a woman?”
I said: “Do you mean, that whoever man is good enough. If I go down at the street and stop the first man passing . . . that’s good enough?”
He said: “Yes, that is good enough. He can tell any of your neighbours . . . . I can wait.”
I went down and never returned back.
Another time . . . I thought it was time to take this once-a-year gynaecological examination we women use to take.
I went to a recommended doctor. As we just were finishing all the talking, he told me to go and dress off and put on a paper-gown.
As I passed him, I saw him start to masturbate . . . .
I never dressed off . . .
Another experience was a couple of years ago . . . I had these hot-flashes following the menopause. With hot-flashes in the middle of the summer with + 45C (157.5 F) in the shadow, it became too much for me, so I hoped I could get something for the hot-flashes at least.
I went to a doctor and asked if it was something I could take for the hot-flashes related to menopause.
He said: “Yes, I will prescribe something good for you.”
He gave me a piece of paper and sent me to the pharmacy. I gave the note to the guy . . . . and he gave me the prescribed medication . . . . sun-screen ! ! ! !
I went back to the doctor and said: “Is this an insulting or is it rather that you are not a doctor at all???”
He looked at me . . . confused, and said: “Madam, women in Egypt don’t have menopause.”
I looked at him and said: “Doctor . . . . Do you know the name of what we have between our ears?”
He looked at me . . . thinking . . . and said: “ No . . “
I tried to hold courses in massage, here in Egypt and was looking for books in anatomy. It doesn’t exist. After visiting all the book-shops in Cairo I went to the University hospital “Kasr El Aini Hospital” and asked a doctor: “What kinds of books do the medical students use?”
He guided me to a special shop inside the hospital. I went and looked through the books.
Not one single book had a picture of a whole human . . . . after asking why, I was told that it was not aesthetical. The books they used are the same books we in Scandinavia use in level 6-7-8 secondary school.
So . . . taken after the medical level of education here in Egypt . . . I, myself am a much better doctor that 80% of those in practice. . . .
Because I have study medicine . . . .


Hammer said...

That is about the most distubing thing I have read in a long long time.

I want to laugh at their stupidity and ignorance but I am too appalled at the way you were treated.

The US has doctors with years of training and access to the latest technological advanced but there is a problem with them.

They do not listen to their patients out of arrogance and or callousness. American doctors kill 90,000 people each year with wrong doses, surgical mistakes, blatant ineptitude and neglect.

I had my appendix out in an emergency surgery about 13 years ago. I kept asking why they were not giving me my normal medication.

No answer from anyone. Finally I had my wife smuggle it into the hospital and I took it myself.

Finally the doctor came in and I asked him why I wasn't allowed my normal medicine.

He said: "I denied the medicine to see what would happen to you."

You appear fine so I think you are cured. What a miracle!

I just nodded and got out of that place as quickly as my staples would allow me.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Yes, you know...if it's not the one way it's the other... In Europe they have the tendency to make the diagnose before you come, before you have told them what the problem is, so you likely get medication for something you don't have.

MrsJoseGoldbloom said...

I was misdiagnosed twice by our old family doctor, and on the 2nd time I ended up in an emergency room with a dangerously high fever. I immediately changed doctors, and I found out that he had gotten into real-estate and his doctoring was being neglected. With him it was all about the money.

dragonlady474 said...

On the doctor who insisted talking to a man, I'd have been tempted to go find a man to bring back to the doctor to tell him he was an idiot. lol

Princess Saphire said...

In present Singapore, cases like this is very very rare.

however, i remember my mum telling me that when she was pregnant with me many years back, the doctor insisted on giving her a c-section 1 mth before i was due. his reason was because my head wasing facing downwards as it should have been, for natural birth.

my mum had to go thru some preparation steps to get ready for the c-section. and by then, my position was right for natural birth, yet the doctor had denied my mum the chance to give birth naturally.

26 years down the road, we realised that the doctor had also tied the inside too tightly, that it is giving her problem now, causing her pain. and due to this, she may have to undergo a minor op to loosen it.


Anonymous said...

I could tell you stories about doctors. The most famous doctor (surgeon) in Australia was an Indian who was nicknamed Dr Death by his staff. He was so incompetent that deaths after surgery were all too common. He's in America now and will probably go to India to avoid an extradition treaty that would drag him back to Australia for trial. Your story also makes me grateful that my parents (born in Egypt but of Greek descent) left in 1953 after the Nasser uprising.