Friday, September 15, 2006

What is between heaven and earth?
By Kirsten Nour Namskau

Have you ever had the experience of that “you have done it before” or “you have been here/there before” ?
Have you ever had the feeling of that you have been in the future or in the past?
I know that most people will not talk about it, in fear of being looked at as . . . . erratic, unpredictable, paranoia, etc.
But take a minute . . . no one have to know . . . I don’t ask you to tell me in a comment . . . only be honest with yourself.
Scientists are talking about parallel-lives . . . . Worm-tunnels . . . They claim that it is possible to live to lives at the same time in two different dimensions and that you are passing through from the one dimension to the next through what they call a worm-tunnel.

When my grandmother died, (the mother of my father) we were to clean out her flat. It was some confusion of if any of us, her grand-children, wanted her flat.
One day my brother went down to take a look at the flat. When he was about to put the key in the door, he heard someone inside. He used the door bell . . . and a woman opened the door and claimed that she lived there.
My brother got confused but after some reflections he went to our mother. When I came, he told me to take a visit down and see if I experienced the same as him. He didn’t want to tell too much, but told me that we could talk about it after wards.
I went down around 4pm.
The door-sign with the name of our late grandparents was still on the door. (Gerda & Ludvig Holm) I rang the bell and a woman opened the door. She was young with a strong body and dark eyes with a sharp glance.
I asked if I could talk to Gerda Holm and she answered: “Yes, that’s me.”
I looked at her and said: “I’m sorry, but the woman who lives here is my grand-mother.”
(I didn’t tell that she also was dead.)
She replied: “No, I am not your grand-mother.” She slammed the door in my face.
I went to my mother to meet my brother.
When I told him what had happened, he said: “Kirsten, recall the woman in your mind. How she looked like . . . . Do you have the feeling of, that you have seen her before?”
I said: “She actually looked like grandma, only much younger. Maybe she is the secret daughter of her we so often have heard rumors about.”
My brother replied: “When you were there, did you hear the siren from the shipyard at the dock. Signalizing that the working-day was finish?”
“Yes, actually I did.” I answered.
My brother replied: “But Kirsten . . . . The shipyard closed down 30 years ago. No one work there anymore.”
I looked at him with big eyes. “What is going on?” I asked.
He said: “ Listen . . . The woman is grandma. I went down one more time and waited to see if also grand-dad came after work, and he did. He invited me in and we actually had a talk, where I told him what will happen in the future of his family. . . . Kirsten, you go back in time when you go down there.”
He continued: “When I was there, grand-dad claimed it was the year 1938. I told him that with me the year was 1986.”
I went down again to see if the same happened. All correct, when I rang the bell the woman opened the door. When she saw me, she slammed the door. I waited to see if grand-dad came when the shipyard siren went. And he came . . . . only very young. They were both around 35/40 years old. I asked if I could come in and he invited me in. We sat at the kitchen-table for a long time and talked. After a while, my father came . . . . He was only 19 years old.
I told so much as I knew about them and what will happen in the future, since I claimed to be his grand-child from the future. I told that it would turn out a world-war with Germany in 1940. He didn’t believe that. “Grandma” was terrified of the fact that I knew so much about them, since it was a lot of secrets around the family of my father. They lived under pseudonyms and in exile from Romania.
Well, at the end I left and went home to discuss with my brother. Both did we go down 2 times and both did we experience that between each time which for us was 14 days, for them . . . it had gone years.
First time I was there, my father was 3 years old . . . The next time, he was 19 years old.
Our mother could confirm to us, that our grandparents had told her, shortly after the marriage between her and dad; about the “strange” people who had claimed to come from the future. (Our parents met each-other under the world-war and married right after the war.)
She had never understood what had taken place, but now . . . she was witness by herself of what actually had happened and that it was her own children who had, without special effort, gone back in time.
Explain this, if you can . . . . I can not.


Freddie said...

This sounds very odd Kirsten, though I have heard a few stories (that seem credible) about children who remember things about being adults, and how they died as adults.

Aren't you glad we got our blogs back? I sure am.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Thank you for your comment,Freddie.
Yes, I wondered what had happened with our bloggs earlier today.Sure good to have it back.

The Wizard said...

You do not see reality every time. Your mind, dreams and reality are much inter-connected.

If backward time travel were to be physically impossible, might it still be logically possible? Even if this world is of such a sort that traveling backward in time cannot be realized, might there be other possible worlds where traveling backward in time does occur?

Many persons have thought that traveling backward in time is logically impossible. Their arguments typically are of this sort: "If you could travel backward in time, then you could encounter yourself when you were a youngster. Even if you are not normally homicidally inclined, it is at least theoretically possible that you kill that youngster. But if you did, then you would not have grown up to have reached the age when you traveled back in time. Thus there would be a contradiction: you both would and would not have traveled backward in time. Since the story involves a contradiction, it is logically impossible to travel backward in time." Such arguments have been around for years. They are especially tricky because they involve what are called modal concepts, in particular the notions of possibility and impossibility. Does the very concept of travel into the past entail contradictions? Does the possibility of murdering yourself as a child show that backward-directed time travel is an impossibility?

The answer is: there is no possibility, if you travel into the past, of murdering yourself as a child. The very fact that you are here now logically guarantees that no one - neither you nor anyone else - murdered you as a child, for there is no possibility of changing the past.

This notion that one cannot change the past needs careful attention. There is nothing special about the past in this particular regard. For you can no more change the past than you can change the present or change the future. And yet this is not fatalism. I am not arguing that our deliberations and actions are futile.

I cannot change the future - by anything I have done, am doing, or will do - from what it is going to be. But I can change the future from what it might have been. I may carefully consider the appearance of my garden, and after a bit of thought, mulling over a few alternatives, I decide to cut down the apple tree. By so doing, I change the future from what it might have been. But I do not change it from what it will be. Indeed, by my doing what I do, I - in small measure - contribute to making the future the very way it will be.

Similarly, I cannot change the present from the way it is. I can only change the present from the way it might have been, from the way it would have been were I not doing what I am doing right now. And finally, I cannot change the past from the way it was. In the past, I changed it from what it might have been, from what it would have been had I not done what I did.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

To "The Wizard": brother explained something to me, when I asked him:"As we were talking with them and told things we hoped they could remember to contribute with to eliminate a problem in the future. During the life, they still did not do it...why?" Simply because the future had alredy been. But then again...Since they could tell my mother about this "children" who had been there, long time before we got born. That means...we lived both in the past and in the future at the same time. Is this what is called eternal life???

curmudgeon said...

Sounds like fun to me!

dragonlady474 said...

I've posted about certain "gifts" before. I was born with one. Sometimes it's okay and other times it's uncomfortable and scary. Sometimes I can see what's going to happen or see stuff about people when I touch or talk to them. I can't really control it, it happens on its own.

lexcen said...

I love the story. But, what about a journey into the future?

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

I think many, in a way, is glancing into the future without knowing it...Maybe that is why we so often have the feeling of that we have "done it before" or " been there before"