Monday, October 16, 2006

Someone is watching you. . .

Have you ever had the feeling of that someone is watching you? . . . That it is someone in the room or that you "thought" you saw a shaddow?
Well, it start to become public known now, what every psykolog know . . . That it is possible to manipulate a person to the extend so the chosen victims brain refuses to visualize the presence of another. . . The other person becomes an "incubus / succubus" (invisible.)
The problem we face today, is that this knowledge has gone out of controll and even children use this effect.
How dangerous is this "joy" . . . Is it dangerous at all?

Since this has become so common of an act . . . then we know the answer of what ghost, poltergeist, “Holy” spirits and so called “guardian angles” are . . . yes?

Then we maybe also know who “Holy Maria” got pregnant with . . . right?

As well do we take a clue of who the clairvoyants have contact with, when they believe they have contact with "spirits" from “the other side” . . . correct?

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Anonymous said...

mary did get pregent by the Holy Spirit , but as for seeing spirits that is wrong,, some times you can see your guardian angels ,but not many people see them , you know that they are just waiting for us to call on them but beliving in spirits and all about getting in contact with other Spirits , thats a no no ,,,,,,,,,,,, thanks