Thursday, October 05, 2006

When the Universe is calling . . .

All the old Greece philosophers like Plato, Pythagoras, Apollo, Aristotle, Socrates and the rest of them, discussed the matter of existence and non-existence. They really never came to matter of facts . . .
As a teacher, I do from time to time experience that children suddenly start to talk about things they impossible “can know” about. Per example; once a child in first primary started to talk about electricity in a today unknown way of getting this kind of power.
I gave her free hands . . . and she proofed that it worked.
When I told about it to the other teachers, they said: “It was intuitive knowledge” ! ! ? ?

So . . . What is intuitive knowledge? Where does it come from?
If one believes in re-incarnation, one can say that it is some knowledge we bring with us from life to life.
Some call it “community knowledge” which is knowledge passed down genetically.
Others say it is a kind of telepathic knowledge, where the person tune into another persons mind and catch that persons action of mind at the moment. (Either this person tune in to the other person deliberately or their mind of thoughts accidental crosses each others.)

Today, we call the philosophers for scientist. Even the scientists talk about “parallel-lives” ~ “worm-tunnel” etc. . .
They believe that we can live more than one life at the same time, in different dimensions, or that we can pass through the one dimension to another through a “worm-tunnel” and by this in a way experience a kind of time-travel and therefore also bring with knowledge from the one dimension to the next.

Under hypnosis, people have gone through something called “regression” . That means to be brought back in time to an “earlier” life.
As grown-ups, one can say its artificial memories, taken from something they have read, a film they have seen, etc.
But what when it is a child, who can not even read, far less know what she/he is talking about at all. They don’t even know that they are hypnotized and less do they know about “earlier lives”.
It has even happened that a hypnotizer brought a person back in time and discovered that the person died by drowning in a previous life. And . . . . the person died under the session of hypnosis. The autopsy showed that the lungs were filled with water and it was believed that the person had died by drowning.
The old Greece philosophers came to the point that they were not sure if they were alive at all, but instead was only a materialization of a higher energy’s imagination.
The French philosopher Descartes stated; “ Je pense donc je suis.” . . . “I think ergo I exist.”
I will continue that line of thought and say: “But are you sure it’s your thought? Maybe it’s another energy whispering in your ear, which brings you to believe it is your thought.”


Anonymous said...

I have studied some Vedanta and read a book about the life of Sri. Vivekananda. He had similar knowledge of the unknowable when he was a boy. Later he attributed it to a molecule of memory containing past lives being passed on throughout our biological incarnations.

Anonymous said...

I have an open mind but my opinions are set in concrete ;-)