Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Has it always been like this? . . .

A clip from a Norwegian news-paper . . .

Tysvær, Norway 17.April 2007
Oldefar mistet lappen etter blotting og onanering

En 72 år gammel mann er dømt til betinget fengsel og fratatt retten til å kjøre bil i to år etter å ha onanert foran små barn.
Mannen har ved tre ulike anledninger blottet seg og onanert foran til sammen sju jenter under 14 år i Tysvær i 2005.Mannen, som selv har både barnebarn og oldebarn, skal ifølge dommen i Karmsund tingrett ha kjørt rundt om i distriktet og lett etter småjenter å onanere foran.I retten forklarte mannen at han ikke husket to av tilfellene. I det tredje tilfellet skulle han bare tisse. Det har retten ikke trodd ham på.

Free translation below:

Grate Grand-dad lost his driving-license after exposing and masturbation

A 72 year old man got judged to jail and withdrawal of driving-license for two years for masturbation in front of small kids.

The man has at three different occasions exposed himself and masturbated in front of together seven girls under the age of 14 years in Tysvær in 2005.
The man, who by himself has both grand-children and grate-grand-children, shall according to the judge in Karmsund court, have been driving around in the area, looking for small girls he could masturbate in front of.
In the court, he explained that he could not remember two of the cases. The third case he should only make a leak. The court did not believe him.


Lexcen said...

A long time ago, when I was living in a dormitory, I had a nun next door to me. One day she told me the horrible episode of being accosted by a very deformed man. She was sorry for him.
She tried to explain to me what was obviously an erection. She didn't know that and I wasn't going to explain the facts of life to a nun.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Well looks like ol' grandad had things well in hand.

The authorities should probably put him away before he hurts someone, especially children.

Hammer said...

We can look up these sickos online and see where they live anywhere in the US.

Out of curiosity I checked my area and there are at least a dozen people just like the article within 5 miles of me.

Jeannie said...

Certain men can be really disgusting. Course soon we'll be hearing about Grandma masturbating in front of little boys.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Lexcen: LOL...reminds me of "The hunch-back of Notre Dame."

Phos: I wonder if he actually have been like this all his life...only not caught before.

Hammer: Do you get the name of them too?

Jeannie: Yes, it has maybe started ... Thinking about all the cases of teachers that have sex with young boys in class. And it happens more and more often, all over the world. Starts to become common even in Norway.
I never heard about such thing before.

Anonymous said...

In front of kids is not right. But he's 72 and it still works!!

curmudgeon said...

What in the hell makes the old fart think anyone - let alone, small kids - want to see him yanking his crank?