Wednesday, April 04, 2007

When was the first Easter . . .

Religion . . . Belief and religion does not show through the numbers of attendance in church or religious meeting. Religion shows through you thought, words and actions / behavior.
One who claims to be a humanist, may be more religious than a regular churchgoer, through his/her behavior and doings.
In the Bible it’s said; that in Gods Kingdom they don’t have all the different religions and religious houses, temples etc. Because God then lives among the people.
The first Easter that took place was in Garden of Eden. That was the “first-harvest-feast” . The first harvest of the year was in spring-time, when everything also came to new life. Because of that, this was also the time of the year they celebrated New Year . . . . Something they still do in the Asian countries.
(They have just celebrated the year of the Pig.)
After we got thrown down from Garden of Eden, they started to give the celebration to the honor of the Goddess Ishtar. Ishtar had to marry the Lord of the Underworld, but she was 6 months in the Underworld and 6 months among people on earth. She came up to the world to celebrate the first harvest-feast, at the time when the world also came to new life. Because of that, over time, people started to believe that it was Ishtar that brought new life to the world. That’s why they let the celebration be to her honor
(Still today, in English, they use her name on the celebration . . . Easter / Ishtar.)

When Christianity started to settle, no one wanted to celebrate Jesus or make any celebration to his honor, so the Christian authorities had to put the celebrations of Jesus to dates of the year when people already had a feast and over time, little by little, manipulate the belief into humanity, that what they actually celebrated was Jesus . . . Which is totally wrong. He has never been celebrated any time in the history. . . . Actually.
God / Cosmos / or the subconscious of humanity, have from the early time of creation, had four regular times of the year for celebrations.
It should be one celebration for each harvest of the year to enjoy a well earned time of relaxation after a time of hard work. Life should not be only hard work . . . It also should be time to enjoy . . .
At the beginning of time they had harvest four times a year. (We still have in this part of the world. Middle-east)

~ The first one was in spring-time, when everything came to new life.

~ The second was Midsummer time. That was also a light and flower-festival

~ The third was; The autumn harvest that also was the time they had the biggest harvest of the year and the time that was the most popular to marry. For the new-wed they made small foliage-huts and also named the feast “the foliage-feast”

~ The fourth was; Midwinter harvest that also was a light-feast to celebrate that they from now on went towards lighter time of the year. (After the dark winter comes the light with longer days.)

So . . . Easter have nothing to do with any religion . . . It is a celebration of the spring and new life to the world.

Have a nice Easter . . . . New Year . . . Spring-festival.


MrsJoseGoldbloom said...

Happy Easter...New Year...Spring festival to you too Kirsten!

I don't care what you call it, I just want the chocolate bunny. :)

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Agree ...
Let's take a chocolate bunny and a marzipan-egg on that.

Lexcen said...

Happy Easter Kirsten.

tkkerouac said...

Happy Easter! And yes, religion shows in thoughts, words and actions...