Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The sound that broke the wall of Jericho . . .

By Kirsten Nour Namskau

Since I’m very much into alternative healing, I accepted an invitation from a friend of mine to attend a 2 hours information lecture about sound-healing, held by Dan Furst. (This was in January 2006)
Dan Furst is a sacred musician and sound therapist and founder of the Sacred Sound group of Hawaii, Los Angeles and Sedona, Arizona, Japan and Egypt.
In his sessions of healing he’s using Quartz crystal bowl, singing bowls, tuning forks, bells, chimes and an Australian didjeridoo.

He works after the principal of that each charka and organ works after a certain rhythm and frequency of sound-wave. Illness, diseases, stress, mood-changes etc. appear if the organs are in disharmony or works on wrong sound-wave.
He relate to Pythagoras’ idea of finding the “missing tone.”

During the session, I had the opportunity to voluntary myself for a trail session of healing.
It’s a lot going wrong in my body, since I have been offer for torture earlier in life and organs is permanently damaged.
The last 5 years, I have worked inside health-care myself and also give massage to people. My hands and my arms are therefore my working-tool number one and my bead-feeder.
It’s with fear I recently notice that my right hand, arm and shoulder aches more and more as if I have got arthritis or rheumatism.

So, in this session, which took about 10 minutes, I was told to lay down on a mat on the floor. It was 12 people I the session and all of them were to pick an instrument and sit around me.
Dan had showed us how to use each instrument.
As I was laying on the floor, they started to play. In the beginning it felt like only a lot of sounds.
After a minute, it felt as if I could hear only one sound. (As if all the instruments was tuned into one instrument.)
Then Dan took the Didjeridoo, which is a long wooden instrument looking like a giant flute.
He went to my feet and started to blow. A deep sound attended the room.
After some time I could feel he sound-wave of the Didjeridoo at my feet.
Slowly the waves crept up my right leg. It was a strange feeling, but you have the same feeling if you are in a disco, you can feel the beet of the music in your body.
The difference was that this wave was more like waves from the sea, if you lay at the beach with your feet in the water.

I felt the waves reach my hip and started to fill my body. When it reached my heart-area, it felt as if my heart stopped for a fraction of a second and I instantly made a gasp which brought tears to my eyes.
Dan went behind my head and started to play on a crystal bowl. This felt then, as if the sound and waves cleared my head totally for all thoughts and again I could feel the waves go down my head to the heart area. There it met the other waves from the Didjeridoo and it felt as if my heart opened up and all the waves got released through the heart and out in the air.

As I laid there, it was as if I could see my own aura in which it started flew small black splits out from the aura and disappear in the air.

When it was over, I felt a little dizzy, but OK. I went to the coffee-shop with some friends and the day continued as usually.

The next day . . . I’m telling you . . . the pain was gone, my hand and arm more movable and more so . . .
During the night, I could turn in the bed without pain in my back. (My back has been broken, so it’s a chapter by itself.)
Still, 1 year later I have no pain in my hand and arm. Still even my back is without pain.

I recently got an e-mail from Dan where he told me : . . . .

I'm writing to let you know that the first of the Sacred Sound circles I'll do this month and next in Cairo and Alexandria is coming soon, on April 28.
There is a picture of a sound circle from last summer in Hawaii at


The "receiver" in the center is a woman who was under treatment for Hodgkin's lymphoma. She has since been tested as cancer-free, and attributes her recovery to the series of Sacred Sound circles that focused especially on the intention of her healing.

What is your opinion about alternative healing? Do you have any experiences?


Jeannie said...

That's very interesting! I'm not sure of the "medical" validity of it but I do believe in the power of prayer. And I know music is a powerful tool to centre the mind. Since each person in the circle would have been "praying" for the health of the one, then I could see it as effective.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Jeannie: You know ... I don't trust the "school-medicine". I have several times been in the situation that a doctor has told that I have an illness, like muscle-dwindle and even cancer...
After alternative "healing" it dissapeared and my doctor allways said; that he could not accept that I was healed, because the way it had happened was not a valid way.
Do you know what???
I am not dependen on if the doctor accept it or not. If it is valid or not ...
The "illness" dissapeared and never re-occured.
That is what is important to me.

MrsJoseGoldbloom said...

I've done herbal medicines for hormone imbalances. I've had trouble with hormone balance since my early 20's and have had to do the hormone therapy on several occasions. Once I turned 35 the doc said I should do the herbal ones, because they were less risky. They seem to work just as well for me though.

tkkerouac said...

It's amazing how these alternative medicines work, good for you.
I love your new look with the thumbnail!

L>T said...

kirsten, i don't think I'd be a very good canidate for alternative healings. I don't even believe in God.
have i had any experiences with it. No.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

l>t: You don't have to believe in it. It works anyway. It has to do with natural forces.
Although the scientists does not acknowledge them, they are there. Just like the fact that the bumble-bee DOES fly, although the scientists sais it is impossible, because the body is too big / or the wings are too small to cary the big body. What do the bumble-bee care about what the scientists sais??? It flies anyway.
If you make a sound going in septim,(seven tones between the first and the last tone) it may brake glass if the sound is loud enough. And it doesn't matter if you believe it or not.
Like the wind .... You can not see it, but it can take a strengh that can level a city.
Nature holds more than human mind.

L>T said...

Well, Darl'in, if it doesn't matter wether I believe it or not, then it's probabaly the right thing for me. Because if it did matter, I'd jinx it. I can kill faith faster then anything.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

l>t: LOL ... That's the right way to be. One should be more critical in what way we hasel with our body. We have only one sample and it suppose to last a lifetime.

jin said...

Oh, GREAT to see this post!

A not so little known fact about me:
If I wasn't a pastry chef I'd be a Doctor of Naturopathy. I LIVE by it. I help other people with it when I can. I have a dear friend that has been a certified Naturopath for 17+ years and she has taught me so much! She has also "Cured" me of many things...as you stated: a medical doctor would not agree as they need scientific proof. I despise Western Medicine & the fact that it is all around me & I am a minority & they make so much money by creating FEAR in people. (You NEED this drug or you'll suffer; you NEED this surgery or you'll suffer; etc.)

Licensed Serial Killers- that's what 'medical' doctors are. I get really ANGRY when I talk about this as I am so passionate about the herbal healing, vibrational medicine, chakra balancing & positive thought process.

My husband tells me constantly that I need to start a blog about herbal medicine. I just need more time in a day!

MD's are taught that the body functions as a machine, with different 'parts' to be maintained. The problem with that is by treating one part it is reflected on the 'Whole Being'. They can't see this. You can cut off someones leg but that doesn't solve the problem of why the leg became that way in the first place! (I use this comparison now because unfortunately that's what the MD's are trying to do to my Dad right now...I'm trying to heal him before they go too far! But try to explain that to them! They get mad!)

I'll stop here because I could go on for days about this subject!

KB said...

Wow!! That is sooooooo cool Kirsten! I'd LOVE to go to one of his (or similar) 'sessions'! I think that's very true and believe in it whole-heartedly! I'm so glad it worked for you and I loved your description of it.

Thanks for that and I am really sorry I haven't visited for a while...nothing personal, just less time on computer =)

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

jin: Thank you for your komment. I have not been at a doctor for the last 30 year ... I use alternative options.

kb: Don't worry ... you are always welcome when you have time to peep in. Life is also more than computer.