Thursday, June 07, 2007

The case of Madeleine . . .


Something doesn’t add up in this case, neither when it comes to the police’s reaction nor the parents.
The child was kidnapped while the parents were at a restaurant a few meter away, while the children was asleep. It was three children sleeping in the same room. Madeleine was the oldest one.
As I have understood, it was no sign of forced entrance. Only the oldest child, Madeleine was taken. None of the children woke up under the act of kidnapping, not even Madeleine. (No screaming, no resistance.)
The whole after-play has become like a show, none in the world would have supported you if you had experienced the same with your kid kidnapped. (I’m thinking about the 32 million dollar reward to the one who can “help” finding the girl, meeting the pope etc.)

1) The person who has “kidnapped” Madeleine, must be one the family know.
2) The person must have been familiar with the home and knew exactly when the children go to bed and where the children’s bed-room is.
3) The person must also have known about the back-door and either it used to be locked or not.
4) The person must have known that the parents was out at the time, where the parents were, and for what reason, in order to know how much time the person had to his/hers disposal for the act of kidnapping.
5) In order to kidnap the child without the risk that the child or any of the other woke during the act, the children, (all of them) must have been given sedatives. (Unless the person was well known by the children and didn't impose fear.)
6) Nothing else in the home was touched or stolen. It was a pure, planned “kidnapping” of the particular child.
7) Why only Madeleine, why not all of them or one of the twins or both of the twins?
(Can it be the fact that Madeleine is oldest, strongest, also mentally, and have been told that she should go with “someone” for a short time?)

A) Did the police take an immediate blood-test of the other children in order to find out what kind of sedatives has been used? (NO)
B) Have the police search all the friends of the family and tracked their foot/steps that day? (NO)
C) Did the police close all borders of the country right away? (NO)
D) Have the parents been examined under lie-detector? (NO)
E) Has it been taken fingerprints in the home? (NO)
F) Has strange cars in the area at the time been noticed, searched etc. (NO)
G) Do the parents act and look like they are in trauma? (NO) (Not before they got the direct question from a journalist in Germany, if they themselves were involved in the case. If so, they maybe now start to feel it “burns” under their own feet?)
H) Who care for the other children, while the show is on?
I) Who pay for the show? (All the expenses, traveling around like announcing a world-fair, meeting the pope and famous people. Would these people also have met you if your child got lost? (NO))
J) Who is left behind to receive Madeleine if she returns while her parents are traveling around?
K) Are the parents / family a famous, world-wide known family, one would expect such attention around in a case like this? (NO)

Excuse me . . . Something doesn’t add up.


Infinitesimal said...

The family was on vacation in a rented place for the short time (a few days/weeks) the place they were eating was only a few yards away, and the mom came home every 20 minutes, but the person came in through an open window.

Who leaves childern alone for even 5 minutes?

I don't know??

flic said...

What do you think the answer might be?

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Infinitesimal: The news goes from a holiday resort to a rented resort to their own holiday-chalet.
That the mother looked into the children every 20 min. does not sound correct if they were out for dinner. If so, after all, then the kidnapping shows to be even more planned. It had to be done during less that 20 minutes.
I have not heard about the open window. The news I have read, the person came in through a back-door. If the person came in through a window, then the story starts to become more and more unrealistic. Then it must have been more than one person. And ... they did all this without messing up the room or the window, without waking the children???
I think even the police have done an suspicious lousy job.

Flic: What the parents gain by all this publisity, I don't know, but it lies something behind.
It may be a pure political game. Confuse the attention of the public in one direction, while something even more important goes on another place.
It may be a revenge ... Who are those people any way? Are their records checked? Are they members of any organisation like Free-mason, Night Templar etc? If so ... revenge is a very close possibility. Or it may even be a set-up job by the organisation. (A mix between a political / organisational case.)If so, then the person of revenge or in carge of the job, is also inside the same organisation.
I think, when the real case the top person in the case wanted to confuse the attention of the public away from is done and over, this case will slow down by itself and we will suddenly not hear anything more about it. The parents will move to another place and the child will never be mentioned again in the news, but she has come home and they continue their life in a place no one know them.
I definitly believe the parents is involved in the case, and I put a BIG question-mark on the police and the investigation. To me, the police-work and the investigation appear more like a childrens game. (mafia-work, if you want ...Let it appear as if we do something, but actually we don't have to, because we know what is going on, where the child is etc...and so do the parents.)

Infinitesimal said...

Interesting theories, is there a basis for your thinking that? I have not read your book yet, but do you say this based on personal experience?
I was reading an article in a magazine in the doctor's office about this case and the mom was eating but said "I checked in on them every 20 minutes"
Something about that does not make sese to me, because the age of the twins in particular is so young. If the kids were older, it would be easier to understand. In the article, it said they suspected that the kidnapper went in through a window, but had no leads yet.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Infinitesimal: Well ... First, I do have a bit of knowledge of different kind of "Lodges" and their kind of work, and are NOT impressed, may say.
The other thing is that I come from a family where ALL members of the family have worked inside different departements in the police. By myself, I have study international justice, have worked inside The Norwegaian Private Security Police (SECURITAS) and am rised to have an investigators mind. My brother was manager in one departement of the Norwegian Private Security Police (SECURITAS), I have several friends working as investigators and in FBI, and are frequent in discussions of investigation-cases.

Lexcen said...

Many years ago in Australia we had the case of Azaria, the child that was abducted by a dingo. They even made a movie about it. Never in my life did I hear so much bullshit, so many conspiracy theories and so much denial of what would later become self-evident, that dingos do indeed have an inclination to attack children. I wouldn't speculate on this current media circus because of what I experienced with the Azaria story. I suggest you read the book or see the movie. You can start here

The Phosgene Kid said...

I just hope they find the poor little girl...

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Lexcen: I agree with you. I have read the book and think I also have seen a TV-version of the film.
In this case, it can not have been an animal, since then the children would have woke up and started screaming.

Phos: Several times, the parents have said that they are sure Madeleine is safe and sound. How can they be sure about that, unless they know?
Other parents would have been out of their mind of whatever could have happened to the child, sexual abuse, the pedophilia world, child-offerings cults, canibalistic cults, sadisme, etc. etc.
But THIS parents, don't fear any of this ... They feel safe in that the child is in a safe place, taken care of by people who love the child?!?!

rob said...

I hadn't thought of all that. You should be in the police.

PS - EG - is that East Grinstead?