Sunday, May 06, 2007

Asking for job . . .

It is no such thing as a dress-code any more, is it??? Even at schools the teachers and school-administation start to react on the way students dress. It was a reason for that they started with school-uniform . . . Maybe we also should start with uniformed dress-code at work, since we by individual mind, don't understand to dress after situation.

What is your opinion?


KB said...

WOW!! some boobs!!

I think uniforms are good at school. In some work situations they are good too (like banks), but not all I don't think. I guess it's up to the boss to tell people like this woman to put some clothes on!!! hahaha!

Jeannie said...

I think having uniforms is somewhat extreme and would lower moral unless there is a practical reason for the uniform. Instead, places of business should provide a detailed dress code as is appropriate to each position. And enforce it if someone breaks it. (Sending them home to change without pay).
However, I have had people show up to job interviews in very inappropriate clothing. They simply didn't get hired.

Savy said...

Wow, that picture makes my neck and back hurt. I'm back and forth on school uniforms. But as far as business, there is a line which you don't cross.

Lee Ann said...

I guess it depends on what job she is looking for.
If she is going to be applying for a job at Hooters or a strip club, then she might be dressed appropriately, but I am not really sure.
Definitely not for an office job or any other professional type of job.

I agree with you!

Have a great week!

What are your seven?

Hammer said...

uniforms all the way. I'm tired of seeing kids humiliated for not wearing designer clothes.

The teachers need to dress more conservatively as well. Although I wasn't complaining much when I was in school :)

Anonymous said...

why do you care so much what people think?

L>T said...

I believe work places should have dress codes if appropiate. I mean you'd want your business to look professional I think.

I wonder if that is a photo shop trick?

Brooklyn Frank said...

hahaha, super funny

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

lee ann:What d'you mean ... "what are your seven"????

Hammer: To be honest, I also start to lean toward that opinion.
At the time, I'm giving courses in massage and the first ting I tell them, is: "If you want to work as a professional, USE UNIFORM!! Uniform talks."
As I can see around the world, both doctors, dentists and nurses, start to drop the uniform, I think they give the "wrong message".
I definitly do not feel good, going to a doctor, using shorts with a nurse wearing thight-short skirt and low-cut t-shrit.

Winai: I am interested in conversations of opinions. Do you have any problem with that???

l>t: I assume it is a photo-shop, but I also think it is very relevant as you can see in Jeannies comment.

Savy & brooklyn frank: Thanks for stopping by. I hope to see again.

jin said...

I always wear an apron over my clothes!
I just feel unprofessional if I have customers walk in & catch me witout my apron on!

It's mention about doctors...the woman I've been taking my Dad to that cleans his wound always has on high spiked heeled shoes & lots of jewellery. Just the other day I was thinking how she would look nice as a recptionist or something...but that she looks unprofessional for the job she is doing. So I suppose I'm saying it depends what you do & where you work.

Lexcen said...

Now that's what all teachers should look like. No more truancy from school I bet. She could even punish me and I'd enjoy it.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

LEXCEN!!! You naughty boy ... Go to the corner and don't peep.

The Phosgene Kid said...

I wonder if those count as her two pieces of carry-on when she flies?

curmudgeon said...

Is she available for hire?


as long as the uniforms weren't cheezy and gay looking I would wear them. Where I used to work we have company polo type shirts and had to wear kaukies (sp?), it was ok. Free cleaning.