Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Welcome Arne . . .

Arne is “new” at Blogspot.
He is one of my friends from Yahoo360 and one of the very few blog-friends of mine, I am chatting with on messenger. He has bloggs many places and I invited him over here to continue his blog at Blogspot, since we both got “fed-up” at yahoo360.
He is a cheer person, also from Norway, lived his adult life in Canada and after retirement moved to Malaga, Spain.
His blog has always something for every mindset. He is honest and polite. Politeness is also the one and only thing he expects from you.
I have over the years got both compliments and correction from Arne, but always with caring mind.
I hope he will stay with us and update his blog.
So my friends, pop into his blog, welcome him and encourage him to continue at Blogspot.



Hammer said...

Thanks, I will check him out :)

Lexcen said...

He seems to have an interesting blog.

jin said...

I'll visit him too.