Thursday, May 03, 2007

We are not all alike . . .
Billy B. Cook . . . AKA: BBC

Supporting L>T . . .

A while back I made the poll “How shall we deal with blog - harassment”.
Some of my blog-friends have been harassed and some of have stopped blogging because of that. We all have been harassed by the same person and this person doesn’t have the politeness to stop, even when he is told to stay away.
I don’t remember how I came in contact with this person. But relative fast I got an e-mail warning about him and his strange behavior.
He looks as a nice, old man who only try to come in contact with people. So I let doubt come in the favor of the person.
He claims to be THE GOD.
He “says” that humanity is God in evolution . . . . But only as long as YOU don’t agree with him and say; “Yes, I also believe that I am a god/goddess in evolution .”
I did not even say that, but in my book “Tell Me Who I Am” which I sent a copy of to him, just because it may pear his belief.
He freaked out only by the title of the book.
The first chapters in the book is about “claimed” previous lives of mine, which came through under a regression by a hypnotizer/ doctor at the Air-force base in Norway. (Then to be counted to be a scientific correct event.)
At the time I did not even believe in multiple lives, but my “enemies” did, and they have used these information’s as a tool to legalize their evil against me throughout my life.
The title of the book came out of the idea: Am I who I know I am . . . or am I the one they say I am?? You read the book and . . . “Tell me who I am”
In one of my “claimed” previous lives I have been a goddess, you see. (I don't believe that, but they believed that.)
It was this “fact” that kicked the legs away under BBC.
He simply freaked out in a hysterical, psychopathic way.
From this minute he language changed to become insulting, full of swearing and cursing. Comments and e-mails came flowing with shouting; “YOU ARE NOT A GODDESS . YOU ARE A FUCKING, DELUSIONAT MONKEY . . . “
Etc. etc. etc . . .
It is not necessary to repeat all insulting . . . But in short term : I am a fucking, very sick, mental destroyed monkey that don’t have a clue about life, spirituality, or any subject of life. I am a lying, deceiving slut. The only thing I have in my mind, after his opinion is; I am a over-sexual, neurotic, whore that have only one thing in mind . . . sex, sex and more sex . . . with other monkeys.
(At least I have something on my mind.)

This post is to support L>T,
who also have a post about the problems she has to get rid of him. Also because my poll told me to write a post about the person making harassment.


Jeannie said...

You've done a fine job of outing him Kirsten. From his comments on other posts I've read he is very definitely misogynistic. Just loves to spread the love around. I guess the women in his life have let him down while he has been nothing but upstanding himself. It is very hard for some men to accept that women are no longer chattel.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Sometimes it is good to get things that bother us out int the open - makes them feel less irksome.

MrsJoseGoldbloom said...

Sorry you're having problems Kirsten. :::hugs:::

Lexcen said...

Kirsten, you've done the right thing by exposing the bed wetter for what he really is. I'm surprised you tolerated him for so long.
We could take up a collection to help him get counseling from a psychiatrist. I feel sorry for someone who suffers from pre-mature ejaculation.

hotboy said...

What a shame!

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Thanks for the support.

Everyone who have been on his site, have noticed that nice people who started to visit and comment his posts, sooner or later also get harrased by him. Suddenly they also have problems getting rid of him.
I saw someone in L>T comment-box gave a good idea, if you feel for commenting his posts.
DO IT ANONYMOUS ...Then he cannot come after you.

jin said...

So sorry you had to go through this Kirsten.
It happened to me as well a few months ago (not was someone else who no longer bothers me *knock wood*) & it does try to turn you off's sad that some people have to be that way. *sigh* BUT- there are so many GREAT bloggers out there to make up for it!

The Phosgene Kid said...

What's up??

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Phos: I'm Okay, I've only had a lot of work today ...

KB said...

So far BBC has been OK to me. I haven't read his blog for a while (hardly read anyones actually!), but he still comes and comments on mine. Mostly they are rational, nice comments.

He's a bit confusing....I reckon he's a drinker and his comments are rational and nice when sober and abusive and irrational when drunk! That's my theory anyway!!

He lives in a different country. We don't have to read his comments.

I'll keep ya posted.....

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

kb: YOU ARE SO RIGHT .... I have not been thinking about that, but that makes absolutly sence.
In periods, he can be "normal" ... and so, suddenly, everything he says is like dawdle without any logical connection or sence.

L>T said...

Hi kirsten! I didn't this post was here. thanks for the support. i've also suspected he was a heavy drinker who went on rants when he was drinking. IMO, he's letting out his true feelings no matter the cause. I would like to see no more unsuspecting women get abused by him.