Friday, May 04, 2007

I feel twisted, but good . . .


I have had a lot on my mind and a lot to do these last days . . .

As you know a couple of posts ago, I asked for help to publish my new book.
I got a lot of help and advices I am SO grateful for. (Not money, but help)
One told me to try to make self-publishing. I followed his advices and read everything carefully.
So now, with some problems along the “road” . . . I finally I have succeeded to convert my book into an eBook to almost half price. (In Scandinavia, it is less than half price.)
So I hope my friends, if you can help me further, please recommend my book to people. If you can put the ad (as it is on my site) on your site, please tell me so I can give you the html code. (I don't know how to put it in the post.)
Or you can copy the Ad below and go to "compose" (You maybe have to download the photo separat.) When you have the photo and text on compose, click "edit html" Then you get the html-code. Copy it and put it on you template. Then it will appear as seen below.

Get your copy as an eBook here to ½ price
click the link above

To my luck, I also have had good business in my massage-studio lately. I have been lucky enough to earn enough to buy a mattress to by bed. I have for 7 years now only had the cushions from my sofa as mattress. But since my back has been broken, after torture long time ago and the injury doesn’t get better by age, I started to feel the urge to make a mattress priority. (I am happy that I can move and walk at all.)
Finally, I also have the chance to get my teeth fixed. I have for 4 years been unable to get enough the money to make the crown I need. But a friend of mine has now said he will make it for 1/3 of the price.
If I’m lucky, I also even can get the reading-glasses I should have got 10 years ago.
The last year, my sight have dropped significant.

So, the luck has been with me . . . but not free of charge.

I am also lucky to have you as my friends.

Thank you all for your concern and help.


Lexcen said...

My wife had spinal fusion surgery six years ago. Needless to say she suffers from serious back pain even after the surgery. As a good husband I agreed when she wanted to buy a new mattress. There was nothing wrong with the old one but she wanted a new one. We got the best money could buy. She still often gets up at night and goes to away to sleep on the sofa.

Mark said...

If you want to send me the transcript in English for a proof read I can do that for you. It's not money but it's cheap labor. That's the best way I could help. In your last book there were verbiage issues (not huge) that I could help fix.

Anyway, for the English version I might be of some help.

Ping me @

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Lexcen: Yes ... I couldn't afford the one I REALLY wanted, but I got the next best.

Mark: I have sent you an e-mail (ping)

KB said...

All sounds good Kirsten....I'm still reading you book!

BTW: I read your comment on Phos's blog about lying on your back watching the clouds. I have written a song about that - a kids one (but for adults too!!). It'll be on the next CD =)

Infinitesimal said...

I am confused, is this ad for your second book, or your first book, it looks like the cover of your first book, is that the one on e-book, or are they both available as an e-book?

please let me know.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

infinitesimal: It is the first book I now have converted to an eBook. So now you can get it both as an ordinary book from the store, or you can buy it to almost half price as an eBook from the internet and print it out at home.(To be put in a file, named and then kept as usually in your book-shelf.)
Min second book is not released yet. It is in the process and will not be ready before about 6 ~ 8 months. The second book will have another title.
I will keep you updated.

jin said...

I want to buy the do you get the most money? I mean, is it better for you if I get the e-book or the hard copy from Amazon? I notice your Amazon link is gone.

Also, next time I update my sidebar I'll put the image of your book in!

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Jin: Thanks Jin.
I earn more money if you buy it as a eBook, although it is cheaper for you...
So we both will gain a little.
If you want the hard-copy, go to and search the title "Tell Me Who I Am" ... and it will show up.

Infinitesimal said...

this link to your ebook should be in your sidebar or in your header so that it is always present in your blog, as it is now, this post will soon be archived.

Please put the link into your template.

I will buy the ebook

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

infinetsimal: It is in the sidebar ... Right under "Babelfish".
Click on the link under the photo of the book, and you'll come to the eBook page.

jin said...

Ok! I got it from the ebook place and I can't wait to read it! If I fifnish my work fast tonight maybe I'll get to it before morning. I'll let you know when I've finished it!

Oh...I also found your podcast site & have been listening to them when I get a chance. You have a lovely voice!

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Jin: Thank you ...