Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hold your tongue . . .

It’s all about gossip. Do you gossip? Have you ever been exposed by gossip. Do you know how it feels to be exposed by gossip?

Most people believe that lying is wrong, and that’s one of the reasons so much gossip begins with “I heard” or “someone told me”. Attributing a statement to someone else take the responsibility for its accuracy away from the one speaking. Never the less . . . This doesn’t make it ethical to gossip.
In general, happy people spread positive gossip more often, and unhappy people spread negative gossip more often.
In general we tend to spread positive information about our allies and negative information about our enemies.

How can we stop gossiping?

~ Let the gossip stop with you. You can decide not to spread it further.
~ If you are not sure if something is gossip, go to the source and get the facts straight.
~ Use the Golden Rule: Talk about others in the same way you would like them to talk about you.
~ If you are not sure of what you are about to say is gossip. Ask yourself: “Do this person need to know this? Am I sure it’s true, accurate and helpful?”
~ Keep you tongue from speaking evil, and keep you lips from telling lies.
~ If you have nothing better to do that sit around talking about other people, you easy may wind up saying things you will regret later.
~ Ask yourself: “What is my motive for telling what I am about to tell?” If it is to get attention or make yourself more popular or important, then your motives are wrong and you should refrain from speaking


Hammer said...

I grew up in a family of rabid gossipers. It took me a long time to realize that it's a piss poor way to gain power and attention.

I think its a part of human nature that has spiraled out of control in this communication society.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Don't bear false witness. That's one of the rules!!

Infinitesimal said...

It is my current personal goal to eliminate gossip from my life, I do not participate in it readily anyway, but I am paying close attention to any way that it may be slipping in.

good reminder post.

Jeannie said...

I love to gossip. But not in the evil way unless someone has done me wrong. Usually it's funny stories like the things people write about themselves on the net or tell me in person. I don't spread rumours. If it isn't fact it goes nowhere. My husband does not gossip at all. He does not tell me things he is supposed to tell me so friends get upset when I haven't a clue what is going on in their lives when they told Gary.

jin said...

I have a dear old Auntie who helps me absolutely with anything I need help, so I hate to say anything bad about her, but she gossips constantly! I really can't listen to her for more than a few minutes without walking away because sometimes it's nasty gossip. My husband & I tell her all the time that she shouldn't repeat things like that but she's old & set in her ways.

I think people tend to do that when they are very bored with their own lives.

Cool! You linked to your podcasts! :-D

Lexcen said...

I also have an aunt who gossips with the wicked intent of causing mischief. There doesn't seem to be any purpose in "he said, she said" other than to cause trouble.

Anonymous said...

Gossip is just a waster of time, unless your intent is be hurtful. Just wrong.