Friday, May 11, 2007

Once upon a time . . .
Some time ago I had a PodCast . . . It's like having your own radio-show. In the beginning it was quite funny. I don't know if it was the service itself, the internet or my computer . . . But more and more often the post wouldn't go through. Every time I should post it, it came a bug or when I posted it, the play-button didn't show up or it went so slowly, so the time run out and I had to make the program again and again, before the post went through.
As you can see if you go over, all the last 5 / 6 posts doesn't have play-button. (annoying) When I tried to tell about the book and read parcells from it. At the end, I had to write it down as a blog. But that was not the reason for opening a PodCast! (Know what i mean )
Because of all the trouble with the recording-process, it more and more often happened that I used up to 8 / 10 hours to make a 10 minutes post . . .
And that . . . I didn't have time for. So I closed it and decided to stick to the blog.
But if you want to hear my voice, click on my PodCast batch. You have to scroll all down to the post "The child of another brand" to find programs where the play-button works.
Enjoy !!!

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