Friday, November 10, 2006

The birth of the moon. . .

By Kirsten Nour Namskau

Kirsten and I went back to the place of “The Vikings” a couple of times more, but now we had found a much easier way to come there.
We dig the soil and searched all over to see if we could find more from ancient time.
One day, we had brought with us thermos and sandwiches, ready to stay for a long time . . . and so we did.
Actually, we were not aware of how long time we actually had been there, before I noticed a strange light around us.

I looked up and called Kirsten; “Kirsten, what kind of light is this in the sky?” I asked.
We took each-others hands and went attentive and slowly towards the edge of the mountain. There we had a view over the whole city and the fjord far away and the mountains even further away on the other side of the city.

There . . . we saw a strange light slowly coming up from the edge of the fjord.
I whispered to Kirsten: “What is it? Is it sunrise?”
Kirsten whispered: “ Well, it has already been a day, so it can’t be sunrise. Maybe it’s sunset?”
I replied: “But it’s not going down . . . it’s coming up.”

The light was incredible, intensive like sunlight.

There . . . we were standing like two silhouettes in the centre of the light, holding tight to each-others hands and felt that we got drawn, absorbed, swallowed by the light . . .
It become bigger and bigger, emerging slowly from the ocean behind the fjord.
A huge glowing ball of light came up from the ocean . . . bigger than we ever had seen neither the sun nor the moon.
At the end . . . the ball was a complete circle, huge as the horizon itself . . . only attached to the sea with a tiny string.
It was as if it shivered for a few second, before the string busted and the ball slowly started to glide up towards the sky.

We looked at each-other, amazed. .

We both knew that we had been witness to a secret of the nature.
We had witness the birth of the moon.

No one could ever tell me after this, what the moon was . . .
I knew, that every evening . . .”Mother Earth” gives birth to a new moon and as the morning comes, the moon fades away like the human dies.

I am sure . . . that every evening, one or another place on earth . . . if you are at the right place at the right time, one or another person may be so lucky to watch . . . . the birth of the moon.

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