Saturday, November 11, 2006

It's cold. . .

I read in the news-paper . . . last year was the coldest winter in Scandinavia in 37 years . . . .
I wonder how it will be this year.
In 1989 it came snow in Cairo. The people got scared to death. . . They believed "The Day Of Dudgement " had arrived. They didn't got to work or sent the children to school, because they were waiting for Allah to come and judge them to either Hell or Paradise.
As the snow melted, they believed that Allah had changed His mind and gave them a little more time. . . But this was a warning.
In the evening there was a TV-program telling them what this white stuff was . . .
Later years, it has come snow several places in middel east where it didn't use to come snow before.

As we are talking about "green-house effect", I sometimes wonder; What is actually happening? Does it become warmer or colder? To me it appear as if the summers get more and more hot as it also last longer and longer time, but the winters also get more and more cold, although the winters is of shorter and shorter time.

But why does it gets colder at winter-time if we expect "green-house effect"?


Hammer said...

The green house effect might be a politically motivated scam foisted upon us.

In scientific circles, if someone challenges the greenhouse theory
or questions any part of the research they are labeled a blasphemer and often their career is ruined for daring to speak out.

The fact that global warming has become a cult religion that cannot be questioned makes me very skeptical about the whole thing.

k said...

Hammer, I understand what you're saying. But as a person raised in science and scientific analysis, I must say, the evidence I see about the greenhouse effect is overwhelming.

As is the evidence of the current administration's acts to suppress evidence supporting *global warming.*

The question among scientists who seek truth over politics isn't whether it's happening, but rather, what are the major causes: ordinary cyclical changes, or changes caused by mankind?

*Global warming* is an unfortunate misnomer. The effect is to make the weather more extreme, as Kirsten pointed out. For around 11,000 years -and also around 100,000 years - we've been in an unnaturally stable period.

So sure, more extreme weather is more *normal.*

Unfortunately - it's also very undesirable.

Vinicio said...

hey k,

thanks for the "indigo child" label,although i won't agree that such a label can be placed to a distinct individual with a different culture, belief, and value. This indigo phenomena does not apply universally, esp to the declining American Indian population, whose case study perhaps is not included for this generalization.

Also, these experiences that i have are prominent in my native tribe that has been occurring since our civilization. The usage of the "indigo" terminology is only applicable to the nonspiritualist caucasian, or any other race, who are just now realizing that materialism nor any form of physical phenomena, are adjunct to the well being of nature and human identity through spiritualist progression.

"aura" is a western term, but definitely not indegnous. correct me if i havent dont my research. THe study on ADD and ADHD is preposterous.

don't take this an offensive rebuke but as a responce from someone without a labeled self-identity.

take care kirsten.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Vinicio: It's OK. You are free to believe and feel whatever you want, dear.
It's not correct though, that this children are only found in caucasian people. They are found all over the world inside all religion and belief.
Take a look at this link:

Vinicio said...

i havent read your book but i have been experiencing ET experiences as well. what am i supposed to do??? in my culture the belief of "ufology" has been prominent since early times. How do you explain those with psychic abilities hundreds of years ago? why is this becoming prevalent now?

i think my experiences are different than those of the "indigo children"
1. i am not intelligent.
2. im not creative.
3. i am not developmentally advanced in anything. telekinesis here

so what am i, an anomaly?

my conclusion is that there is something going on with individuals that is different than the ET gene pool of awareness.

i am glad however that you have raised a discussion what others would see it as ludicrous.

i always feel that its my duty to wipe out the whole population, leaving only a few hundred-thousand people alive. nature is very important to me.

well you are certainly a wise person, but don't get this wisdom through what you read and/or what other people do. knowledge by self is most important, i believe.

i am so confused.

good night, kirsten.

Anonymous said...

Why is it so cold now, here when it should be so warm?? Look at the weather forecast on my blog page to see what I mean. Usually we are having hot weather in November.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...
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Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Vinicio: You know, dear. None of us have all the abilities...Each of us have those abilities needed for the purpose we are here. You seems to be a "soldier". You shall not wipe out the population, but rescue those who will be transfered to the higher level. It may APPEAR as is you are wiping out the rest of the world,because you are leavig them behind.
Relax in yourself the coming days and accept yourself as you are. Next time you have a close encounter have your questions ready. Ask for your purpose, ask for help to learn how to use your abilities, ask for protectin and help in your situation.
I have had the most traumatic life, because no one understood the case. Don't fell into the same trap, dear.
We are here to help each-other.

Hammer said...

I read the link Kirsten and it's very interesting. Indeed it mirrors much of my life. Past life experiences, UFO, premonitions, etc...

Thanks for pointing this out I haven't thought about these things in a long while.

Maybe this re-awakening will help me become aware of my purpose.