Friday, November 17, 2006

For the record. . .

Thank you Lexcen, for your review of my book.
I can understand your wonderings and I have been prepared also for this kind of reactions. . . For several reasons.
1) People are not prepared to admit that it is something inhuman going on in the western world. In the name of democracy.
2) If someone has experiences of too violent kind, we have the habit to refuse to believe it and call it madness.
3) We had, all up to recently, had the habit to normalize everything on the supernatural or spiritual level to an extend so it is total unnatural.
4) Still today, it is easier to put a diagnose of any kind of mental disease on a person who has talents above the average, than to accept that it is “more between heaven and earth” than the scientists know.
I have all my life gone to regular yearly medical examination. If something was mentally wrong with me, I should have been told and got medication I could take by myself. It has never been questioned or mentioned and is not in my medical record that I am suffering of any mental disease of any kind.
I have never been in a mental hospital.
At any account, I find it totally unacceptable that people get medicated without their knowing, so long as the person officially is healthy.
Electro-chock, yes. . . Not as a treatment in hospital, but as torture. Electro-chock in my mouth, vagina, under my feet.
The brainwashing-program was done by light and sounds. I was fastened to a chair, they pinned my eyes open so I should not close them. On a screen in front of me it started to show colors and shapes which changed faster and faster while a headset whispered something in my ears, or different sounds appeared in my ears. They had told me to take attention and try to remember what was whispered in the background of the sounds. The brain-washing also happened through hypnosis.
In 1988 Kevin took me to a doctor , I still can contact if I want, whom I went to every week for one year in order for him to release all “damage” done to my brain concerning all the brain-washing. He was an acupuncturist who treated me with acupuncture, herbal medicine, ultra-waves and micro-waves.
So you see, I have at all time been in contact with authorities and medical services in my hope of getting help to come out of it. But it is like this . . . They know this is going on but what can they do? They are like as scared to be trapped into it as everybody else.
I have worked as security-guard and inside politic, which both require a “clean” medical record.
I have in my profession as teacher had the opportunity to have physiologists around.
In Denmark 1997 I had an experience as a teacher which made me to feel the need of talking with a professional. One I also could trust in would tell me, if it was anything mental wrong with me. (Read my bloggs “The silent scream. . . ”(September archive) & also (October archive)“Why is Sarah silent”)
After the experience with Sarah, I found myself in a situation, when the experience with Mathias happened that it became too much for me.
On my own account I contacted a psychiatrist, having in my mind, that after all the brainwashing and what else I have gone through, maybe could have affected my mind.
She told me: “Not on any account can I find that you are suffering from any mental disease, but I put a big question-mark with those who are around you. I can easy see that some of them would have gained having some therapy.”
That was the first time someone questioned those people.
At another account, earlier in life, also contacted a psychologist and my regular doctor (at the time when I was denied to give my children proper food.) Also then my doctor told me: “I wish I could tell you that your experiences in life is in the past and will never happen again, but I can not say that, because it has happened now in your adult life and most likely will happen again.”
The government was after me? Yes, and they still are. Even under the process of publishing this book I have been in danger. The book was also tried stopped being published.
Everything told in the book can easily be proofed / checked by authorities and I have witnesses to most of the situations. My body carries visible marks after torture and terror, both internal and external.
I still can contact both Hameda and Ashraf and other from the book.

In my next book I have some stories about some other people I helped escaping
Norway. Yes, escape . . . I am not the only one. . . But I am the only one who dear to speak up.

It is so much which can be said, but at one or another point I have to stop.
But if they file a case against me and I come to court, as I hope, then I will tell it all.


Maricopa Mark said...

I ordered your book yesterday.

I'll read it with an open mind.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Thank you, friend. I look forward to you review.

Princess Saphire said...

Even by reading your daily blog, I do question myself if it is the real Kirsten.

Am I reading about your real experience or is it just stories?

Maybe you are just one really great story writer.

Sometimes when I find someone who will listen to me and I will share these stories with my friends. Some were open-minded, others were skeptical. I choose to remain open-minded for some, and story telling for others. But a huge part of me tells me that it is true.

One thing for sure, I am starting to develop my own opinions about people from different parts of the world. And I wouldn't say that it is good thoughts.

The more I 'know' you, the more I will want to find out about your life and experience. I will check out my local bookstore to see if they have your book on sale. I really need to read it.

I once read an auto-biography written by a Muslim lady who had used a fake name. It had disturbed me a lot, because according to her, even when she has left her country alive, if her name is being revealed to the public, her life will be in grave danger as she will be tracked down. That is also part of the reason why some of your experiences and actions astonished me.

kirsten namskau said...

Princess: Thank you for the compliment of being a good story-teller. Yes, all the stories from my life is real. (When I have used the headline; By Kirsten Nour Namskau)
If your book-store don't have the book, they can order it from distributers like: Gardeners, Ingram, Ottakars, Waterstones or WHSmiths (write it down to show the store). . . Or you can order it from

Hammer said...

Government sponsored or condoned torture and harassment is not hard for me to believe.

Here in the US, not too long ago, criminals used "psuedo science" as an excuse and cover to commit such atrocities as forced steriliation of "undesirables", lobotomys of people who expressed different ideas, institutionalized torture of homosexuals and eccentrics and government approved kidnapping and selling of Native American children.

In all of these instances a corrupt and ignorant govenment condoned or looked the other way during all of these atrocities.

Luckily, much of this has been stamped out here but it went on until the 1970s.

It is NOT hard for me to believe that corrupt officials in Norway, the FM, mafia and others would perpetrate such acts upon you in order to achieve their real or imagined goals in reaching supernatural power.

Can't wait for the next book.

Best regards,

kirsten namskau said...

Thank you Hammer. I am nodding my head, aknowledging all what you tell. We have it all in Scandinavia.
I can mention members of the Norwegian government by name, who has been involved in my case, and proof it.