Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The innocent child. . .

By Kirsten Nour Namskau

As children, we are all so wonderful innocent….we only don’t know about it before we got older.
I remember when I started school; I got a very special friend….
We both named Kirsten, both had dark hair and same size.
Every morning Kirsten came to my door so we could go to school together….No, we didn’t walk to school…. We were dancing our way to school, holding each-others hands. After school, we usually did things together to make our life exciting. Per example, we loved go on “natures discovery” to walk on “Virgin soil” or see “the birth of the moon”. From time to time, we staid overnight at each-others home. Then we slept in the same bed, she with the head the one way, and I with the head the other way….
First we made a hut under the cover and told spooky stories and used a torch to make it more effective. When we got scared enough, we started to tell jokes and laughed so her (or mine) parents came and told us to be quiet. We usually ended the evening tickling each-other under the feet until we fell asleep.
Today, we live on each side of the globe. From time to time I see her name or picture in the news-paper, since she is journalist. The contact is maybe lost, but then again…maybe not. At least, our excursions in the nature are still very vivid in my memories . . . .
I will let you in on a couple of our secrets in the next two blogs.

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