Monday, November 20, 2006

Sex with the dead. . .

I read Hammer’s blog and come to think about an experience I had here I Egypt.
I should set up a course in massage and was looking for books in anatomy.
I search all the book-stores in Cairo without success of finding any book. Not even close. At the end I went to the University Hospital and asked a doctor where the medical students got their book from when they should study medicine.
I was told that they got them from a special book-store inside the hospital.
So, I went to that store . . . and I didn’t find any book in anatomy good enough to use.
Not one single book had a full-picture of a human being with muscles, blood-system, nerve-system, lymphatic system or skeleton.
Even the books we use in Europe in secondary school is better than these.
Well, I started a conversation with a medical student who also was there to buy books.
During the conversation he told me that instead of using books, they trained on dead people. They even used to go to graveyards to dig up dead people to use in the class.
More so, he told me that when they should learn about the woman’s body the whole class, who always was only men used to have sex with the dead before the lesson could begin.
I asked why they did so. He answered that it’s normal for a man to get aroused when he sees a naked woman, so to ride off the need of sex, they were in line to fuck the dead, in order to be able to concentrate in class.
I asked him: “But what if you suddenly see one you know on the table? Family-member or something? Have you ever experienced that?”
He answered: “Yes, once the woman was my new-dead aunt. But we respect members of the family, so we didn’t fuck her.”
I asked him: “But have you ever thought about this; The class after you didn’t know her, so they could fuck her . . . Yes?”
He got pail and almost fainted. He answered: “I have never thought about that.”
Then he continued, more to himself than to me: “Ohhh, aunt, I hope they didn’t abuse you.”
I asked: “do you use condom when you fuck the dead?”
“No” he said “It’s not necessary, because they are dead. They can’t get pregnant.”
I continued without respect: “And you also told me that your father was a doctor. How do you feel about the though that you father go and fuck the dead, during the day and then go home and fuck you mother?”

Now, he could not hold himself. He went to a bush nearby and puked.

But what trouble me the most, is that I know this is common. Not only in Egypt, but most places in the world. I have got the same confirmation in Norway, per example . . . .
And it’s not only dead they fuck. Haven’t we all heard the doctors talk about the sex-fantasies patients use to have in hospitals?
The last thing you think about when you are sick, is sex!!!
Unless you have been given a kind of drugs (not medication) which was meant to arouse you sexually.

But it is so easy to blame the medication and say it is a side-effect of the medication used.
That is a lie. Because medical students have told me the truth.
I personally know people who have been sex-abused in hospital.
My mother and my ex-husband are two of them.


Lexcen said...

I just made a promise to myself never to see an Egyptian doctor only to realize that my family doctor is Egyptian - a female! I've had a rectal examination by her and I didn't enjoy it. BTW, she's a lovely lady.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

I don't go to doctor in Egypt any more...I go to Israel. Happily, I am usually healthy. I have ever been in need of emergency doctors care.

Hammer said...

How shocking! I read about mortuary workers from time to time caught with the dead. But medical students are usually supervised becuase corpses are usually costly and must be donated.

In abnormal psychology class they said this phoneomeon was due to the men having the opprotunity with a completely submissive partner that would not question his performance.

There is actually a book out there that describes the techniques and saftey concerns.

Truely sick and disgusting aspect of humanity,.

curmudgeon said...

Crazy. I just couldn't bring myself to fuck a dead person. If I was so weak as to get aroused at the sight of a corpse, I would prefer to go whack off in the bathroom.

Princess Saphire said...

Way to go with the medical student. I hope that he will constantly have images of his dad with a dead and his mum. This is just unforgivable.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Yikes! Is the necrophilia thing in appendix C of the Egyptian "Book of the Dead"? I hope that student was just making a joke…