Monday, November 06, 2006

Politic on earth. . .

I got carried away by Lexcen’s blogg Grips of wrath

It is interesting to notice, that these "dictators" use the finger of education, while most of the photos shown of "democrats" from the western world, show the sign of being a soldier of Satan. (pointer & little finger. . . Both Clinton & Bush have given this sign.)
Another thing is that I think the humanity forget to accept that a case can have more than one side. What is good for one part of the world is NOT necessary good for another. For some people "The paradise of God" will appear as the worse “HELL” in universe.
We have seen this for centuries now. The western world “comes to town” and decide that “if you don’t have it like me, “ then your country are undeveloped, under dictatorship or you are poor.
They went to Africa to teach them how to make BIG farming instead of small parcels, where each family cultivated what they needed. The result was poverty.
First, the soil is too poor for big farming.
Second, in big farming they cultivated only one kind of grains, instead of the usually several kinds at the same time with different strength. So when the one kind failed of drought, they were without food. (Usually, if one kind failed another kind survived and they had food after all. )
The western world went to Green-land and taught them how to build houses of wood!!! Instead if the usually igloos. Wood. . . A material they don’t even have and will start to rotten after max 2 years in snow and water, and the poverty starts. They had never been drinking alcohol. Now the alcoholism is a big problem. (after "democratic" word: "good for them" yes??)
They travel around to innocent places on earth and teach them to dress their way, drink alcohol, how to use a gun, how to use drugs, give them venereal diseases , start prostitution etc. Force on them their own religion as the only correct.
They claim to have “democracy” !?!?
What is “democracy”? (Read my book and you will see what kind of “democracy” we have in Scandinavia.)

In Islam, even Muhammed said: "I'm sorry to say but the people of my culture MUST be hold with a strict hand, because they don't know how to behave. Give them free hands and they will go out of control."

Now when Saddam Hussein will be hanged, who is then responsible for all those who had been killed after the revolution up to date? Who shall be hanged for those deaths, rapes, violations, criminal acts, abuse, thefts and the destruction of the country as whole?? Or is that OK, because this crimes were done by the hands of “democratic” people and they must be allowed to do what they want!!! Correct?

So now, you omniscient western world...Take what is coming to you. You have dressed you own bed.


Anonymous said...

Kirsten, did I cause this?
You might be surprised to know that I agree with your summation of the failure of the developed world to lead by example to third world(Africa)countries. Issues other than that are too complex for simplistic explanations. Of course they do demand answers.

dragonlady474 said...

Just to touch on a few points here...

*Prostitution has been around LONG before the United States. Also things invented before America...rape, death, abuse, thefts...etc.

*We have many houses that are made of wood in the United States, some built hundreds of years ago, and the snow has failed to destroy them.

*The United States knows how to rotate crops, we're a huge farming country.

*I believe the Kurds would have a different take on Saddam's idea of justice. And also some of the people I've seen celebrating in the news (Iraq).

*In America the index/pinky finger thing, and its relationship to satanism is an urban legend. Here when teenagers do it, it simply means "rock and roll".

It's important not to miss the forest for the trees when you're wriitng about something you feel strongly about.

hammer said...

There is a difference between misguided imperialism, an ignorant peace corps and missionaries that try to push their values on other countries.

Most people in the US don't want to push their way of life on other countries. However corrupt third world governments beg for aid and technology and end up becoming worse off that they were.previously.

You might notice that the leaders of the poorest countries live a lifestyle equal to the presidents and kings of the richest nations.

What kind of example does this set?

curmudgeon said...

After the hanging of Saddam if there are still leaders committing social injustices such as rape, murder, and other such abuse, and the people sit back and accept it, why would that be the fault of the western world - the ones who helped those people out from under the reign of the tyrant, and showed them there was another way to live where those things were not an acceptable way of life?

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Maybe you right buddies, but i don't agree with you. And I am NOT talking special about America...
Look at Iran, under the shah it was a free country, they could dress modern, use bikini at the beach be unveiled etc . Definitly NOT dictatorship...Look what kind of dictatorship it has become after the revolution!! why don't anyone help them now...out of the dictatorship ???
Well, we shall not start to quarrel. It is only a change of opinions...
If you want to know how the African people view the situation, then read the book "French Lessons In Africa"
by Peter Biddlecombe
ISBN: 034910509
I thought it was a boring book I got from a friend of mine. But that was an eye-opener. It is highlights on each page!!!

hammer said...

Iran is a terrible case indeed.

People are afraid of another war and now their supposed nuclear weapons. I wonder what can be done to reverse these trends towards erasing human rights.

Fanaticism, greed, power and evil permeate much of the world now, and it seems the only thing we know how to do is fling money or bullets at the problem.

The UN is made up of these corrupt nations so it's like the fox guarding the chicken coop. No help whatsoever.

Libya on the human right committee?

Personally I take no offense at your words or frustrations. We feel it too. The world is not a safe place. Sadly, I don't have any good answers and if I did noboby would listen.

Anonymous said...

Democracy is not perfect but is the best system we have been able to come up with.
When all citizens are equal and when the government is elected by all its citizens, then the government will look after the welfare of all its citizens.
Democracy cannot be imposed on a country, it must evolve. It is a tragic mistake to attempt to impose democracy on a country the way America has tried to do. Of course it is doomed to failure. In other instances, America has backed dictators who have been "friendly" towards America only to find these dictators deposed by Junta or Ayatollahs or have delusions of world domination. If you think America should stop interfering in world affairs, then you fail to understand the reality of international politics. Today we are witness to the birth of democracy in Russia, a country that never experienced democracy. We will probably witness the failure of democracy in Iraq. Don't forget that the first democracy to exist in Greece, only lasted for 300 years.
Democracy is fragile, it isn't perfect and it doesn't last.