Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The voice of the unborn child . . .

By Kirsten Nour Namskau

21 days: “Hi. I’m three weeks old…the size of the nail on your thumb.”
“I’m a surprise . . . my mom doesn’t know about me yet. She’s expecting her period next week, but I know it will not come….because I’m here ..(he he) I hope she will like my surprise”

50 days: “Ohh, my mom still don’t know about me, but I have grown. I already look like a human being….almost …. At least you can see what will become my arms and legs. I’m going to be perfect…and I have the genes to become a famous musician.”

80 days: “ I’m a human now….outside…with everything perfect created. I'm a boy . . . Do you like to have a boy mom? I only have to stay here, inside my mom’s body, until my internal organs is developed enough to work by itself. I have to put on weight…that’s it. I’m the size of your thumb. Small, but strong.”

81 days: “I heard mom tell dad that she would go to the doctor today. That means, she will be sure that I’m here….Ohhh, I’m so excited….I hope she will be happy, because I’m so happy that she is my mom.”

Later the same day: “ I heard the doctor said: ’congratulation Mrs. Hanna. You are expecting a healthy and strong child.’ . . .
But. . . what is happening??? I heard my mom say: ’I don’t want it.’
You don’t want me, mom???”

90 days: “Mom, I heard you told dad that you want to make abortion . . . what is that, mom. Is it something which will make me strong??”

100 days: “Mom, do you know what? Now I can hear clearly all the sounds, both inside you body and outside. I can separate your voice from dads and others. I love the sound of your heart, mom …. And I can feel . . . pain, fear, happiness, sorrow. When you feel fear, I feel fear too and this morning you bumped into the table so it pushed you stomach, and I felt pain.”

110 days: “ Today you shall go to the doctor again. Mom, before you go . . . it’s something I want to tell you. When I grow up, I’m going to become a famous and rich musician and I’m going to play for royalties and have big concerts all over the world. Then I will buy you the house you want so much.”

Later the same day: “ ohhh mom, what are you saying?? I heard you tell the doctor that you didn’t want this child . . . Is it me you really mean, mom? You really don’t want me?”

The doctor: “Well, Mrs. Hanna. I want to tell you the procedure . . . either we use an instrument like a knife. We cut the fetus into pieces and take out the body-parts . . . or we use an instrument which literally blows the fetus into pieces, afterwards we suck out what is left of the fetus with a kind of vacuum-cleaner.”

Mrs. Hanna: “I don’t care what way, only get it out”

“Ohhh, what is going on?? Mom shall into the hospital after 4 days . . . “

114 days: “ I feel so uncomfortable. It feel as if mom is not sure of what she wants to do. Someone told her to take a shower . . . maybe that will freshen her up.”

The doctor: “ Mrs. Hanna, you can still change your mind. Only tell me to stop and no harm will be done.”

“ Mom, can I tell you something? I know that . . . if you let me live, you will be so happy for me later, when I’m about 17 years old…because the . . e . .ee . . EE . . EE…………… “


“Mrs. Hanna. Are you awake . . . it’s over. Take a rest for a couple of hours and you can go home.”


Princess Saphire said...

It is sad that sometimes choices like that haven to be taken... I hope that I will never have to face this kind of situation.

BBC said...

I value life, once it gets here. But lets face it, some women are wise not to bring a child into the world that they are not going to care for and raise properly.

They should of course be wise enough to practice birth control, then abortion wouldn't be a question.

BBC said...

Something a friend sent me in an email.

"My position is, unless we are caring as much for the vulnerable
outside the womb as inside the womb, we're not carrying out the
full message of Jesus. ... They began to think this might
threaten their base or evaporate some of their support, and they
said they just couldn't go there."

- Rev. Joel Hunter, explaining his resignation as
president-elect of the Christian Coalition, after realizing he
would be unable to broaden the organization's focus to include
issues such as poverty and the environment. (Source: The
Washington Post)

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

I'm not against abortion. But i am against that they use it as birth-controll.
If they are not grown enough to have a child, then don't have sex. If they are grown enough to have a child, then they also should be grown enough to use prevantive.

Hammer said...

I agree kirsten, with many cultures that don't allow birth control, back alley abortion is their only percieved answer

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Hammer: That's true. I find it strange that some culture don't allow birth control. Did you know that from the earliest time the Bedouins used birth control on their camels, by putting a cloth in the females vagina. And actually . . . The prophet Mohamed encouraged the people not to take too many children. “Better to rise two in a proper way than let ten run the streets.” And actually, he introduced “his” people to anal sex as a way of birth control.
But. . . as always inside all religions and culture, the authorities read and understand, withdraw and add to in the way that suits their need of power best. They turn and twist the words as they like and those who don’t agree in their way of “stupidity” must be crazy. (Put them in jail or mental hospital.)
The same with female circumcision. It doesn’t have ANY hold in ANY original religious script. It is added too at a later time by some mental power-freak or sadistic pedophilia authority. Just these days, mullahs around start to admit this mistake and confirm that the Holy Quran does not demand circumcision of females.

Humanity . . . OVER AND OUT