Friday, March 02, 2007

The hidden truth . . .

What is it with the people???
Why is it so much fuzz about Britney Spear cutting her hair off? What is wrong with that? She has a beautiful head-shape and looks like as beautiful without hair as with hair.
What if any of us ordinary people do the same . . . Will it be looked at as a like as big symptom of madness, or being in need of “help”, or is it only because she is rich and famous?? Because then she is not allowed to do what she wants?
Is it forbidden to choose a hairstyle which is not a fashion any longer??? Maybe this is something she always wanted to try, but didn’t have the courage or was prevented to do it by her “manager” while it was a fashion . . . But now, she did it, fast and in a sudden . . .Because that is the only way for her to do what SHE wants.

What is it with Anna Nicole Smith. Suddenly her family is the last one who can make decision in the burial or whatever else concerning the woman.
She shall be embalmed and buried with tiara and a dress of pearls.
What kind of madness is this??? She was not even a royalty . . . She was a playboy model and call-girl.
Is the truth about this, that the “sex-mafia” who have abused her, raped her, kept her narcotized and made her life a Hell, now try to make it up . . . after her death? Is this their way of trying to bring humanity to believe that they are so full of respect and sorrow and regrets by their evilness and what they did to her while she was alive??

The next now is the fight about the child, so that the eventual father can take over whatever she had of values and the inheritance after her late husband.

Don’t come and tell me they care about the child. They give a damn shit about the child. If she had been whoever else, they would have denied any possibility of being the father of the child.
Greediness! ! ! That is what it is about . . .


Hammer said...

Most of us here in the states are sick of hearing about all this nonsense. I'm thinking that the media is trying to dictate to us what we should find interesting and important.

Jeannie said...

One day I might shave my hair off. Seriously. I would do it now if someone wanted me to raise money for cancer or something like that. I don't like my hair anyway. And one day I will no longer want to colour it and that will be the day I shave it or at least buzz it. To get rid of the colour and let the grey grow it not hideously.

As for the Anna Nicole thing - pthht. Poor baby. Reminds me of the poor little rich girl - Gloria Vanderbilt. No wanted her but they did want the money.

I don't follow celebrities but these days its really hard to avoid entirely.

tkkerouac said...


KB said...

I TOTALLY agree, Kirsten!!

The media are focussed on what truly doesn't matter and won't leave the 'famous' alone. I feel very sorry for Anna-Nicole's baby - poor wee thing doesn't stand a CHANCE! I felt for A-N when she had to fight to get the money from her old hubby's death - Whenever I saw them on TV they both looked happy about the situation - who cares what her motives were? I'm sure she made him happy during the time they spent together!! She's better off where she is.

And Britney - YEAH!! Let her shave her head - who gives a toss??? Poor thing was famous as a wee girl, she's never been left alone and HORRIBLE things have been said about her. I hope "karma" or whatever one believes in, comes to all those reporters one day...