Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A readre's review of my book . . .

A harrowing tale of intrigue and spirtuality, October 4, 2006
C. D. Salcedo "jsalcedo2" - See all my reviews
I received it in the mail today and finished it in about 2 hours .
First off, this book was not what I expected.
It is actually an autobiographical work that is more terrifying than any horror novel and at times more sorrowful than the classic tragic dramas.
If you are skeptical person like I am I urge you to keep an open mind when reading this book.
Kirsten Namskau reminds the reader many times that you are free to take or leave any of the experiences she describes.
I believe she put it succinctly when her book was described as the authentic Divinci Code .
I have personally witnessed some of the phenomena that Kirsten describes in her book and like her, I don't care who believes me.
"Tell Me Who I Am" is definitely a page turner no matter what your spiritual or political beliefs are.
This book trancends, religion, spirituality, politics and social morality.
After reading this book, don't be surprised if you look over your shoulder a little more often.


Anonymous said...

Must be a good book. Don't be offended if i haven't read it or plan to.

As far as religon, spirituality, and social morality is concerned...i am positively confident that there is no human alive that can provide me information that i already don't know.

As far as politics goes. Not interested.

You misspelled Reader's. =-P


The Phosgene Kid said...

I guess I better read the book!

Lexcen said...

Kirsten, I don't know what you're planning for the second book but I think that your first book left a lot unexplained about why the government was so much against you. You often make reference to your criticisms of the government (on blogs)that got you into trouble but I'm not clear on the circumstances. Good luck with your new book.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Lexcen: It is said in the beginning of the book.
They use the information given under a session of regression at the Air Force Base outside Oslo, against me and to justify their evil towards me.
That is why the book starts with the claimed earlier lives I have had.
Although at the time, I didn't even believe in reincarnation and earlier lives.

KB said...

Good old Hammer aye - isn't he just the greatest???

Anyway Kirsten, I look forward to receiving and reading your book - I have emailed you and hope it works this time!! =)