Thursday, March 01, 2007

The only law and rule that works in Scandinavia . . .
Jante-loven av Aksel Sandemose 1933

1) Don't believe that you are anything
2) Don't believe that you are better than me.
3) Don't believe that you know more than me.
4) Don't believe that you can teach me anything.
5) Don't believe that you suit to anything
6) Don't believe that what you have is better than what I have.
7) Don't believe that you are more intelligent / smarter than me.
8) Don't believe that your profession is better than mine.
9) Don't believe that you understand something I don't.
10) Don't believe that anyone care about you.


Lexcen said...

Is there music for these lyrics?

Hammer said...

I'm confused. Are those the rules that seem to exist in scandanavia right now as a soicety?

Or are they the rules that people need to adopt for themselves in order to stay out of a re-eduation clinic?

L>T said...

interesting but I don't quite get it?

KB said...

WOW!! What a crazy place!!

Kirsten, I didn't receive your email??? Don't know why...

Try this:

Thanks, look forward to it! =)

The Phosgene Kid said...

I believe...

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Hammer & L>T: In all countries you have some written law and customs and som unwritten, customary law and regulation.
The written law ans custom is easy to adapt. You can read yourself into it.
What is difficult is the unwritten laws and regulation, because it is not written down any place and the only way to learn them ... is the hard way.
These unwritten rules are 100% effective of todays Scandinavia and litteraly means :
"Don't believe that you are anything. Actually, you are only the shit under my shoes."

That means in practice: Behave as a slave, zombee and as a nodding-head to all you meat on your way. Keep a major low profile and never talk about something that makes you happy or any success you have had. Don't show anyone anything that has a value and be sure you buy a car and other things of a simpler quality than your neighbour.
In a discussion, always let the other part have the last word.
Never discuss your salary, job, politic, religion or plans for the future with anyone.

If you don't follow these rules... You'll have problems from here to eternity and back again.

That means... The one with the biggest car, the best salary, best job, the last word and so on....
Pray you last prayer while you can.

L>T said...

That's really interesting. Of course never having been to Scandinavia, I know nothing about that.

tkkerouac said...

nice going on the book, I like your thumbnail too.

The Phosgene Kid said...

I never went to Scandinavia, but I met a Finnish girl. She was nice.

FATSO said...

Sounds a bit like Canada. Or where we're going if we aren't careful.