Tuesday, March 13, 2007

What is wrong??? . . .

What is wrong with the internet these days, or is it only my computer??
Is it because I downloaded something to make self-publishing, maybe??
My PC is so slow so I dont see what I have written before 10 second after I have written it. I can not open others blog, and if the blog opens . . . I can not comment.
No one get my e-mails these days. I have written to family and friends, but they never get the mail.

Maricopa Mark!!! Have you got my e-mail?? I can not open your blog and far less make a comment.

Do the rest of you also have these problems, or is it only me??


Hammer said...

you may have a spyware problem.

download http://free.grisoft.com/doc/5390/lng/us/tpl/v5#avg-anti-spyware-free

For a free cleaner that may solve these problems.

You can also download their free virus scanner and cleaner..it lasts 90 days before they ask for payment.

Hope this helps

Lexcen said...

Sounds like a virus infection or as Hammer says, spyware.

There are free programs for virus checking, I use Avast which also regularly updates itself when you are online. I use Zone Alarm, as a firewall. I also run Adaware to remove tracking programs and annoying popup ads. Finally, spywareblaster to remove those pesky spyware programs from installing themselves.

Good luck, and if you need any more help just ask.

MrsJoseGoldbloom said...

Kirsten I agree with hammer it does sound like you've got a spyware problem.

L>T said...

i was able to get your blog right away. I sure hope you get the problem fixed.

E. said...

Is your computer slow when working offline, too?

The task manager might help you to check the current CPU load:
If there should be an overload: close the file, shut down the computer and start it again after a minute or two, running only the program you need for the current task.

Computers tend to slow down if the hard disk is nearly full (70 – 80 percent of its capacity). I experience good effects with regular clean ups: I save big files (images, long text and music files, etc.) as well as rarely used software on a data carrier and delete respectively deinstall the originals from the hard disk. It keeps my machine running since the last century.

E. said...

Oops, idiot me overlooked your mail problem, so my previous comment is rubbish.

I remember e-mails which were never received, although I did not get a bounce or error message. But that happens only rarely to me, and I do not have a clue about the cause.

Hope Hammer's tool has solved your problem!

The Phosgene Kid said...

1. Run a virus scan
2. Run a spyware scan
3. Defrag your hard drive
4. delete all the temporary internet files and cookies.

BBC said...

My computer is doing fine, it must be something on your computer.

Like Hammer said, you might have picked up some spyware. I'm very careful where I surf.

Good luck.