Friday, March 16, 2007

Why do God accept that . . .


Billy Graham’s daughter, Anne Graham, was interviewed at national TV in USA “The Early Show”.
Jane Clayson asked her: “How could God approve the terrorist-attack on World Trade Center in New York?”
Ann Graham answered: “I believe that God is really sorry about this, just as we are. . . But for years, we have now told God to get out of our schools, get out of our governments in the world and get out of our lives. If he is the gentleman I believe He is, He has like as silent and peaceful made his retreat. How can we expect that God shall give us his blessings and protection, when we have told Him to leave us?”
I think it started when Madeleine Murray O’Hare complained and said that she wouldn’t have prayers in school.
And we said: “OK”
Then it was someone who said: “We shouldn’t read in the Bible at school” . . . (The Bible that says: You shall not kill, you shall not steal, and you shall love your neighbor as yourself.)
And we said: “OK”
Then Dr. Benjamin Spock said that we should not punish our children when they behaved bad, because it could hurt their young personality and self-confidence. (Dr. Spock’s own son committed suicide.)
And we said; “An expert should know what he is talking about, so . . . OK”
Someone said that the teachers should not teach the students discipline when they did wrong things.
The schools administration said: “Grownups should not touch a student when he / she behave badly, because we do not want bad publicity, and definitely do we not want to be sued.” (It is a difference between discipline and flogging, correction and insulting etc.)
And we said: “OK”
The social workers said that our daughters (school-girls) could make abortion if they want, and they didn’t even have to tell the parents.
And we said: “OK”
Then the school leaders said: “Since boys are boys and they are going to it anyway, let us give them condoms as many as they wish, so they can go and have some fun and get some exciting experiences, without the parents knowing of that they have got the condoms at school.”
And we said: “OK”
Some of the big politicians said that what they did in their private life doesn’t matter as long as the people have work.
We agreed and said that we didn’t care what anyone did, inclusive what the president is doing as long as the economy is OK.
Then some suggested: “Let us make magazines with photos of naked women and call it health care, a reward to the beautiful woman body.”
And we said: “OK”
Some went a step further and published photos of naked children and even made them available on the internet.
And we said: “OK . . . It is a part of our free will”
Then came the entertainment industry and said: “Let us make TV-show and films that promote our ego, violence and pervert sex. Let us make music that promotes murder, drugs, and suicide, terror and Satanic themes.”
And we said: “It is only entertainment, no one take that serious . . . . So, OK”

Now, we ask our self why our children don’t have conscious, why can’t they see right from wrong, why doesn’t it matter to them to kill anyone, friends or them self?
Maybe . . . If you think long and hard, you will find the answer. . . . Maybe it has something to do with “your harvest is as you sowed.”

“Dear God, why didn’t you save this little girl from being killed in her classroom?”
God’s answer: “ My dear scared students, I am not allowed in schools.”

It is strange how easy it is to throw God in the trash, and afterwards wonder why the world goes to Hell.
It is strange how we believe everything written in the news-paper, but are questioning everything that the Bible tells.
It is strange how everybody expect to come to heaven without the necessity to do, believe, say or do anything else of what the Bible tell you to.

It is strange how some can say: “I believe in God.” But in practice are following Satan, who by the way, also believe in God.
It is strange how fast we are to judge other, but don’t want to be judge ourselves.
It is strange how we can send thousands of mails, and they spread as fire in the dry grass, but if we get a mail about God, we think twice before we share it with others.
It is strange how the cheeky and vulgar posts can pass freely through cyber-space,
While an official discussion about God gets suppressed at schools and at work.
It is strange how many Christians devote Jesus at Sunday and at Christian meetings, but are totally invisible the rest of the week.

If you should copy this post and send it in the mail . . . It is strange how you suddenly would worry about to whom you should send it to. For sure you would not send it to all on your mailing-list because of your fear of what religion they believe in or what they would think about you.

It is strange how much more we worry about what other people think about us than what God thinks about us.


BBC said...

God has to accept things because he is not the omnipotent being they say he is in the bibles. If he was he could stop all that foolishness.

But it can only be stopped if the spirit of God flows through all that are here. I fear that will never happen.

People get their sights set on fancy things, going to gala things, I guess they think God wants them to do that.

And then they don't understand when they get knocked down some and wonder why God would do that to them.

I believe it is because that isn't their true calling. To get into all that is to abandon God.

Jeannie said...

What you say is very true.
We want to have free will for ourselves but not for everyone else.
Meaning: we all want to be God and rule the world

Hammer said...

Good post. It seems morality has left the majority.

The Phosgene Kid said...

So all the bad things are happening because god is having a snit?? I could see that coming.

Mustafa Şenalp said...

trkey/ kayseri

Lee Ann said...

The last line is very profound!
Thank you!

MrsJoseGoldbloom said...

Very nice post Kirsten, and also very eye opening.

Steven Novak said...

VERY interesting post.

Good reading on a Monday morning, thanks.