Sunday, March 25, 2007

This is the cosmic GOD . . .

This photo was taken by Neil Armstrong and crew, while they were on their way to the moon in 1969.
First time released to the world in 2000.

Something is changing in humans mind these days. All religions are about to dissolve in its own trash.
Even to use the name/title God seems to becoming troublesome for people.

God is an umbrella-word/title for the unknown, the unexplainable, the unexpected, the incomprehensive, the unpredictable force that shows up when we least expect it, when we hope it to happen and it does, when we need it to happen and it does etc.

What this force is, is not important. The important is that it is there . . . To help, to guide, to protect, to comfort etc.

If this force is an entity, a collective state of mind/wishes, one person’s state of mind/wish, cosmic waves or power that gets activated under certain kind of rites only shows the importance of that humanity, single or in groups, should take positive thoughts, speech and acts in their lives.

Obviously, humanity has a very negative conduct, both in thoughts and actions, since it seems that the world comes to an end in a very rapid and nasty way.

No one speak up about all the money used to go out in space, to find another planet to invade. Why don’t they use the money to research in; how to start cultivating the desert around the world?
No one say a word when food concerns throw away a lot of good food, instead of giving it to the needy/poor in the community or in the world. It is greediness that prevents them. “If you can not pay, you shall not have.” They don’t get any money for it when they throw it in the trash, anyway but if they had given it out free of charge to a poor community, they at least could save some lives.
No one say a word, when the medical researching research in how to create illnesses, for so also to make medication for the illness.
It would have been an awful world if we didn’t have illnesses, wouldn’t it? What should the medical care do then???
We can’t get enough of weapon, chemical and bacterial warfare products. That is more important than to use the money to ensure that everybody have a decent place to live. If you ask me . . . A place to live should be given out, free of charge to all new-wedded people.

We are busier with destroying what we have than to cultivate, purify, clean up, care for what we have.

The world today contains, sex, war and violence.
How awful it would have been in this world, if it was built on justice, care and security . . . Don’t you think???


Jeannie said...

You want to know what's ridiculous, charities in our town that provide food and lodging for the homeless, will NOT accept leftover food from a church dinner or catering etc. unless it is packaged and labelled to their specifications. Crazy. So beggars can be choosers it seems.

Hammer said...

There isn't any money in justice care and security :(

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Jeannie: Yes, it's crazy ...

Hammer: Yes, it's all about greediness, isn't it? Money is the GOD of this world.

BBC said...

I have many pictures like that. Know what all that creation is out there? Not that I expect you to believe me mind you.

It's pagan sexual energies creating all that out there. It's the only thing that can survive out there.

Beautiful isn't it? That cosmic sex. And it flows through humans also, only they screw it all up.

BBC said...

You sure talk about God a lot for someone that doesn't think the word should be used.

Go look in a mirror.

L>T said...

I don't think human beings can stop exploring space. It is our destiny to keep moving forward. & I am all for it.

As far as saving this planet. Is it possible? Some day we might have to get off. & we'd better hope there is someplace to go. :)

Anonymous said...

that's not the cosmic god, kirsten. you are talking about life and its governed uncertainty

although i've never posted on my view of spirituality but one day i will...then you will surely be mesmerized.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

BBC: In whatever way you use the word GOD, someone feels "abused" If you say He/she/it exist, someone knows the opposite, if you say he/she/it does NOT exist, someone gets angry.
In my post I said NEITHER ANY OF THOSE OPTION. Got it!!!
That is why it is so important, individually, to keep a positive mind.

Everybody believe different things, and are sure of that it is what THEY, INDIVIDUALLY believe, that is the truth.
For YOU ... you are God. And you say that God is in everyone. But at the same time DENY that I am a Goddess. I am a female and by that, after you belief, I HAVE TO be a GODDESS ...NOT A GOD.
But then again. After your mind...It is ONLY YOU that have understood and developed, in the whole world!!! Everybody has SOOOOO LONG JOURNEY TO GO...and YOU ARE SO WRONG.

Vinicoi: For Vinicito God is something or someone else.
For HIM ... it is ONLY HIM who know what or who God is.

It it nothing less than AMAZING to see how PERSONAL people take it, when you mention the WORD G.O.D.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

BBC: I don't believe in the WORD ... the word is NOT important, like a cup of coffe. The word can do NOTHING ...

Don't be so cantankerous about bagatels.You should have evolved above that level.

Lexcen said...

If I believed in God, which I don't, I would hold him accountable for everything that is wrong with the world. After all didn't God create everything? As a maker, I'd say he had created faulty goods, too many imperfections. Put him on trial for negligence, incompetence, callousness towards human suffering. That is if there was a God.