Monday, December 11, 2006

As the world turns up-side-down . . .

I originally come from the democratic paradise, Scandinavia.
After the democratic rules you are not allowed to:

~ Have whatever flat or house you want. You can buy a flat after the size of your family. As a single person you are allowed to have max 2 room + Kitchen, 75 square meters.
~ You can not have the fence or hedge as high as you want around your garden. Max. 80cm.

~ You can not build or plant whatever you want in your own garden. You must have the authorities and your neighbors accept to build a garage or plant a tree per example.

~ You are not allowed to wear what ever you want. You can go naked at the beach, but you can not use scarf on your head. If you use a scarf on your head, you are likely to be fired from your work.

~ You can not practice any work you want. You can only work inside the fields you have diploma for.
If you want to care for children in your home, be a house-keeper or sweep the streets, you must have dispensation from the authorities and then they settle the price you are allowed to take for the service.

~ You are not allowed to open a school or kindergarten as a business.

~ If you have a business, you can not take whatever price you want. The authorities settle the prices.

~ You are not allowed to play music loud or do handicraft work in your home after 10:00pm

~ You are not allowed to hang your laundry so it is visible for others.

~ You can not renovate your house or flat as you want. You must have dispensation from the authorities.

~ In an apartment-building, you are not allowed to take a shower after 11:00pm

~ You are not allowed to have whatever pet or animal you want. Not even if you have a farm. The authorities must give you dispensation. Some places you are only allowed to have hamster or budgie.

~ You can not go fishing or hunting as you like. You must buy dispensation-card from the authorities and then you can fish for a certain period of time or hunt for a certain number of a specified species of animal.

~ You can not to cross the street as you like. You have to cross the street only at the zebra-stripes, straight line with 2 steps pr. Second. If you cross the street outside the zebra-line or angled and a police sees you, you will get a fine.

~ You are enforced to have different kind of insurances. Like fire-insurance, burglary-insurance, health-insurance, weather/catastrophe-insurance, child-insurance, car-insurance, pet-insurance (if you have a pet)

~ You can not criticize the authorities. If you do…Then you very fast get diagnosed with any kind of mental disease and are taken to a mental hospital where they forget you, or you come “very convenient” in an accident that “unfortunately” takes you life, or you “unfortunately” get an illness which is not curable.

Still it is more to tell. . . Not to forget how difficult they make your life if you have any other religious belief than what the authorities allow. They say they have free religion, but that is only in the name of it.
(That have to be in another blogg.)

I moved to a country of dictatorship, in order to get some freedom in my private life. . .

1) Here I can buy whatever flat or house I want. Although I am single.

2) If I have a house, I can do whatever I want with both the house and the garden. Renovate as I like, plant whatever I like and if I want animals, no-one interfere. Even if I have a flat in the middle of the city, I can have hen or sheep on my balcony or on the roof of the apartment-building.

3) In my home I can wear whatever I want, but public I have to dress in a way that does not offend anyone. Decent dressing.

4) I can take the work I want either I have education in it or not. If I want to care for children in my home or clean people’s houses, it is a case between me and my employer and the salary is likewise. If I make flower-decoration or knit socks, I can sell them at the marked and the income is mine sole.

5) If I have a business, I can take the price I want on my goods and if the customer feels it is too much, they can bargain.

6) If I want, I can even open a school or a kindergarten and the school-fees are between me and the parents of the child.

7) Here we can play music, take a shower and do handicraft 24 hours where-ever you live.

8) And the laundry is on the line where it is suitable to put a laundry-line

9) If I want to go fishing or hunting, the only thing I need is a fishing-rod or a gun and if I want. . . I even can sell what I got on the marked.

10) I can cross the street as I like and even run between the cars if I like to do so.

11) It is no forced insurances. If you like and can afford to have one or two, you do that as a private security.

But. . . . I can not criticize the authorities. The government, the Army the police or the religion. Then it is official known that you are likely to go to jail. This is something everyone knows. The authorities do the best they can and they want to hear from the public. You can acknowledge them that something doesn’t work properly or that something is missing in the community or give new ideas . . . But it is not accepted that you criticize only for the sake of criticism.

So . . . In the matter of criticism of the authorities, there are no different between Democracy and dictatorship. They only deal with it in different way. In dictatorship, everything is open in the daylight and everyone knows where the border goes and the authority takes the responsibility of what they are doing.
In Democracy, it supposes to be free speech so long as you don’t talk. If you criticize or threaten the authorities, no on have the responsibility of whatever happens with you (concerning the above mentioned possibilities) and these facts never comes out to the public.

Look at Iraq. . . It was after the revolution of the so called freedom, in the name of democracy, they had to put on burka and woolen-stockings.

Look at Iran . . . It has never been slain so many people as after the revolution in the name of freedom & democracy. More so, now no-one has the responsibility, because now the slaying is in the name of democracy, so then no one needs to be hanged.

Try to read the following sentence . . . .

What is freedom for you is not necessary freedom for me.

Did you understand that sentence ? ? ? ? ?


BBC said...

"What is freedom for you is not necessary freedom for me. Did you understand that sentence ? ? ? ? ?"

I most certainty do, but I also understand that there can be no such thing as complete freedom for humans to do as they wish.

Go start your own country and you will quickly see what I mean because the very first thing you will start doing is making rules. :-)

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

bbc: Yes I agree. But let me make the rules in my home.
In the world, it has become like this that it is only one part of the world who shall make the rules for all the other countries, despite culture, differences in the nature, religion, custome, history etc.
The same rules does not suit all over the world. The rules have to be adjusted to where you are on the globe.
It is not correct that my neighbour shall come and tell me that I am poor, per exsample. If I don't feel poor, then I am not poor, even if I lack TV and carpet on the floor.
know what I mean??

BBC said...

Well, at least in this country we can bitch to & about our leaders and those who 'serve' us. And we're damn good at it. LOL

I do what I want with my place, I don't ask for permission, or get permits, I just do it.

I have three or four TV's but don't watch one much. I have carpeting but it was given to me. I have lots of things given to me so I seldom buy anything.

Have a good day hon.

Hammer said...

Socialist democracies are the worst in the world. I went to school with a guy from denmark and the rules he had to abide by at home were terrible.

Americans sometimes sign a contract that makes them live with those crazy rules you describe if they don't want noise, weird house colors or strange plants around them

Otherwise we can pretty much do anything we want but must get inexpensive permits for businesses.
and hunting.

Personally I'm a libertarian and believe anyone should be allowed to anything as long as no harm is done to another person.

The world is out of control in many instances and it saddens me.

Lexcen said...

Kirsten, In Australia, there are more laws than people can possibly be aware of at any time.
You cannot (without local government approval)
1.modify your home
2.Cut down a large tree
3.park your car outside your home a fence
5.make noise before 10:00 am or after 10:00pm
6.take photographs of people on the beach
We have laws telling us we must build a fence around our swimming pool, we cannot have more than three pets, we need a permit for each pet,cats must not go outside the home at night, dogs must not be let outside without a leash,we need a license to fish and hunt,a license to drive, a license to look for gold, a license to own a boat, a license to work with children, a license to start any sort of business, you cannot wash your car with a hose, you cannot water you garden before 10:00pm or after 10:00am, you cannot make racist jokes, you cannot offend anyone regarding their sexual preferences or background or appearance,any such offence carries heavy fines. We are fined for speeding on the roads when we exceed the limit by 1km per hour on a 60km speed limit, we are fined for parking too long in a timed parking zone, we are fined for littering, we can be fined for not crossing the road at the allocated crossing, we used to require a license for each television set we owned(not anymore), we cannot ride a bicycle without wearing a helmet,and of course we are constantly breaking the law because of all the laws we are unaware of. But, we can criticize the government.

BBC said...

That is an interesting look at Australia. Thanks for sharing that. Now I'm glad I live where I do. I don't have a problem with laws, but some laws are just stupid.

Poor.... Isn't that a frame of mind? A lot of people would think that I'm poor. I have a limited income, but it's enough to live well on the way I live.

My home is paid for and it's cheap for me to live here. I don't live under a tree, I have more food than I know what to do with.

I'm not poor in my eyes just because I don't have a really fancy home and new car. I'm rich by some standards. There are people that would kill for what I have.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Thank you SO much for your comments. I really appreciate it. You know ... In Norway, you can not even send whatever kind of food with your child to school as lunch. It has to be coarsed bread with chees. My son experienced it himself, that his teacher took his food and throw it in the trash, because I had send with him a special lunch-box with chicken-leg, cut vegetables & fried potatoes.
When he came home, he was so starved of hunger, so he fainted at the door.

Lexcen: And yes, it is only in the mercy of those who see you if you get reported or not. It is like that in Scandinavia too. You completed my list.