Friday, December 15, 2006

Tags . . . How innocent are they??

I was tagged and accepted to put up my pic. for the only reason that it is already on the cover of my book, both front-page and back. You do best in being incognito when you have a blogg.
We are not talking about people who believe WE are crazy...We are talking about readers that are crazy. Believe me, it is people out there who are psychopaths. Especially if you are a women or have children, you should be very careful announcing too much of habits, and so on.

I remember it was a TV-program in Scandinavia once long time ago, where it was told that some these tags / tag-ideas are originally made by criminals and hackers, just for the purpose to get the information about, per example; your daily life to know when your home is empty and for how long time, in order for them to know when to do burglary in your home, or how many children you have and what age, in order for pedophilia to know where to find them . . . rapists, murderer, sadists . . . It’s enough of them.
The way they did it was to make short version of tags with only a few question in each, which separate seams innocent, but in the hand of a criminal…They collect the tags and put them together . . . and BINGO . . . Suddenly they know all details about you, your family, children, where you live, work and work-rutine, your fears, habits, where and when you go on holiday, your favorites of all kind . . . Yes, at the end they even can figure out your address.

These people are not bloggers and they never make comments. . . They only read and search for blogs at the area they are interested in.

Believe me, I have worked as a private investigator, I know how easy it is to find a person if I want. And you shall never under-estimate a criminal. . . Especially if you have small children.

I shout out this as a warning, to all you people out there who believe tags is innocent.

Is it paranoia??? In the moment you are a victim of a crime and you wonder how they possible could know so much about you . . . . Then remember . . . It is better to be up-front caution, than afterwards wise.


BBC said...

I don't worry about the little people, it's just a bunch of monkeys fucking around.

Some of them will take your picture and screw with it if you tick them off.

I don't care, let them. Monkeys need their little entertainments also I suppose.

I could make your picture wink though. A wink is always nice.

Arty said...

I have had a hard time logging in here. The new Google-Blogger is confusing; I have both, but prefer Blogger because Google logs me in as Arty!

I think the tags/memes are fun. I will think twice before I do another one, but I doubt they can learn that much about us - there are too many of us anyway.

Arty said...

Oops, forgot, that's me, Olivia

Hammer said...

You are absolutely right Kirsten.

BBC said...

"I have worked as a private investigator"

It seems that you have done many things, just as I have. It makes life pretty interesting doesn't it?

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

BBC: I have taken many educations, not all with diploma though, but by interest. Almost everybody in my family have worked inside the police, so it was in my up-bringing.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Olivia: Thank you for passing by and make a comment.

The_phosgene_kid said...

I have to keep my mask on or I get inundated with letters from women. Not really, I just like wearing the mask. I promise I won’t stalk you, but considering I am afraid to fly and how far away you are I think you are relatively safe. Thanks for sharing anyway – I enjoy your Blog.

BBC said...

Well.... I won't take the time to tell you all the things that I have educated myself on.

And then went on to teach others.

BBC said...

"I know how easy it is to find a person if I want."

Okay, so see what you can find out about me. :-)

I show the whole world who I am, where I live, what I look like. You can look up my street address and phone number on the Internet White Pages.

What more do you want to know? I'm more than willing to tell you. I've made a few mistakes in life, I wasn't perfect, but I have nothing to hide.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Hi you guys. I am not talking about ordinary people like you and me. I'm talking about CRIMINAL PEOPLE. Per example... If I was a young, single mother of 2 girls 2 & 5 years.
Without my knowing it was a pedophilian searcher online. He search for blogs in OHIO. He goes to the profiles of all and save those in OHIO. He goes for He goes for single mothers & save. Then he starts to read tags and find out: I am driving a red VW polo, live in a small house, usually with windows open, use to go to my favorite pub in which I have recommended in my profile. So that has to be close to where I live. Favorite color, green. He goes to the pub and look for who is wearing something in green. Most likely me. He approach for a flirt. (Nice guy) During the evening he get my phonenumber to
call later. Through the phone-number he gets the address.
One week later the one of my daughters got kidnapped, raped and killed during the night as I was tight asleep. How??? No sign of forced entrance!!! He went through the open window.
But i read about a story just like this one in the paper some weeks ago, and the mother of the child used just these words: "How could he know so much about me?"

In my silent mind I was thinking...How many tags have you written in your blog,if you have one. If I had been an investigator in her case, I would have asked just that question and got into her blogg to see. Maby I even could figure out where the guy was, using the mirror-flash of mind.


Hammer said...

It's a sobering thought Kirsten.

Here in the US online predators are an epidemic. One of the TV networks has a ongoing TV show where they use blogs and chat rooms to lure these people to a house with promises of sex with an unsupervised child.

When the predator enters the home
(sometimes with a knife, rope or drugs) The reporter walks out and
confronts the would be molester or rapist.

The person is confronted with all the evidence and given a chance to explain what he is doing before the police rush in and arrest the would be rapist.

Some of these people are caught several times at the same house.