Sunday, December 03, 2006

Thank you, Vodafone . . .

Some time ago, I had a blog about Vodafone, Egypt. That it annoyed me that I had to buy a new recharging-card and recharge my mobile, although I still had money left on the previous card. This resulted in that it got more and more money on the mobile, and I was not able to finish it before I was claimed to recharge it again, since I don’t have the habit to chat for hours on the phone.
This resulted in following letter to Vodafone 2. Dec.2006. (Here you can experience my hot temper.)

ATTN: Vodafone

I got this letter and was told to call one of the following numbers.
1) 888
2) 16 888
3) 010 188 88 88

When I called the first one, it came a voice which said : “Please reset your handset.”

When I called the second number, it came a voice which said: “if you want to continue in English, press two ~2~”
I pressed two ~2~ and it came a voice which said: “If you want to continue in English, press two.”
I press two again, and it came a voice which said: “If you want to continue in English, press two.”

How many times shall I press two, before I come through???

When I called the mobile-phone number, it came only one long tone and no one took the phone.

Well, I didn’t expect anything else neither . . . It is after all the typical service from Vodafone.

I now expect you to call me at: XXXX XXX XXX to clear the situation and grant me with one ~1~ month extra calling-time on my mobile, in order for me to finish the money I have left on my recharging-card.

If a business had worked this way in any democratic country, the business would have been closed by the government. The government in all democratic countries (like Scandinavia) is the one who give the prices, the rules and regulation in all kind of business. So there the rules are . . . . . .
- So long as it is money left on the recharging-card of a mobile, the card is valid.

- The prices in all kind of shops are settled by the government and are the same for everybody. (Either you are rich or poor, native or foreigner, black or white, beautiful or ugly)

- No one can open a school as a business.

- No one can care for other peoples children without the accept from the authorities. And then, it is the authorities which settled the price you can take pr. Child.

- You can not give you children what-ever kind food to bring with to school. Sweets, biscuits and soft-drinks are illegal to bring to primary school.

- It is illegal to shout from the minaret.

- It is illegal to use veil, hijab, burka etc. at work

- You can not rise your children in what-ever way you want.

- You have to take the responsibility of your doings.

So be happy you are in a country of dictatorship. Because it is here you can do whatever you want.

  • Even steel from your customer.
  • Cero service
  • Overprice your products
  • Give telephone-numbers that doesn’t work.
  • Do business, which only to serve your own greediness.
  • Rise your children to become hooligans
  • No need of responsibility of any kind.

I am awaiting your call! Number: XXXX XXX XXX

Kirsten Namskau

15. minutes after I had sent the letter, I got a phone-call from Vodafone. I live close to the main-office and shouted into the phone: “Are you in the office now?”
The guy in the other end answered: “yes”
“I’m coming right over. Wait me in 2 minutes.” I replied

2 minutes later, I met a young smiling guy outside the Vodafone office. He took my hand and asked me to “sit down, please.”
Then he took my mobile and converted it into a new system which let me call so long as it is money left on the card. (Even if it takes one year to finish the card) More so, if I use the phone only 45 minutes pr. Month. I will not be charged at all.
It helps to complain, even in Egypt.

So, I owe Vodafone a "thank you". . . . .


BBC said...

I have to add time to my pre paid phone every 60 days or lose the time there. I don't much like talking on phones, I don't know why I bought it, had a stupid moment I guess. I have almost 400 minutes on it that I will never use.

I don't sleep in a nightie either, heck, I don't even have a nightie. smile

Lexcen said...

Kirsten, the automated answering system is everywhere. All corporations and government departments use it. In the "good ole days" we would be forced to listen to tinny music while we waited for a human being to take our call, now it's running the gauntlet of options(1,2,3,4,5,0) before the tinny music begins. Included in our options is "Would you like to hear our privacy statement?", and "In the interests of customer service, this call will be recorded, if you don't wish this call to be recorded please indicate this", and "we are experiencing unusual demand, all our operators are busy, you may choose to call at another time". "If you would like to hear these options again, please press 0".

BBC said...

Actually, at many of those phone sites, if you DON'T push any buttons, a real live person answers after a bit.

BBC said...

Okay, I can't resist it anymore, I'm going to try that site counter on my site also. If I can figure out how to get it done.

BBC said...

Grrrr. I can't get it installed. Damn Blogger.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

bbc: You click the red "Free NeoCounter" and the page comes up. You fill out the form and a new page comes up. There you get an HMTL - code you have to copy & paste into you site at "settings / Templates". There you have to scroll down to "(Blog Header)" Just above there, you paste the code in. Preview the page before you publish it, in order to see if you have got it one your page where you want it.
Try again . . . .