Saturday, December 30, 2006

Imprisoned by work . . .

The priest was criticized because he was playing cards and was told it was the devil’s temptations. But he told them this ……

The Ess : reminds me of GOD ~ it is only one god

The King : reminds me of the 3 kings who came to the birth of Jesus, Jesus ~ the king over kings.

The Dame : reminds me of “Holy Maria” the mother of Jesus

The Knite : reminds me of the devil

The 10th : reminds me of the 10 commands

The 9th : reminds me of the 10 people with leper Jesus healed . . . only one thanked

The 8th : reminds me of the family of Noah who counted eight persons

The 7th : reminds me to rest on the seventh day

The 6th : reminds me of God who created the world during six days

The 5th : reminds me of when Jesus fed 5000 people with five fishes and two bread

The 4th : reminds me the Bible’s New Testament which contains four books . . . Marcus, Mathews,
Lucas and Johannes

The 3rd : reminds me of The Father , the child and the holy spirit

The 2nd : reminds me of The Old and The New Testament

The sum of all the cards + joker counts 365 . . . the same number as it is days in a year

It is 52 cards in a deck of cards . . . which is the same number as weeks in a year

It is 12 picture-cards in a deck of cards . . . which is the number of months in a year

It is 4 colours in a deck of cards . . . which is the number of weeks in a month

It is 13 cards in each series . . . which reminds me of Jesus last meal, Judas Iscariot (the betrayer) was no. thirteen at the table


hammer said...

That is interestng. I'll have to pass that on to those who are convinced I'm hellbound

Many in my wife's family have a big problem with cards, dice, dominos or anything. They say its the work of the devil and such.

At the family reunions I'm the dark prince with my deck of cards, beer and crazy music.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Hammer: You know everything can be used or misused. I know people that use both the quran and the Bible to make curses. They take some parts of the Bible and read it backwards and use it as which-craft. HA ... I assume they call it "White evil" made by "White Devils"

Hammer said...

I've known people who do those curses. They really work.

You just inspired another blog post.

BBC said...

Bah, to heck with the bible and quran and all the garbage in them. I listen only to the cosmos.

The last meal, that was really just one hell of a party with a lot of wine flowing around. I had a hell of a hangover when they put me on that cross... :-)

Yeah, I know, don't believe it, but I do.

BBC said...

"Imprisoned by work"

I don't see what that title has to do with the post. But I guess I don't have to, after all, it's your little insanity. LOL

Work, that is a four letter word.

That picture of your Break the Ice post. Can you see the man in the tree?

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

BBC: When you first start to look for "things" in the picture ... Then I can see a lot of people in the trees, I also can see Twinky and a little lamb. But the nature is like that....
That is what we call "the face of the earth" ... isn't it?? :P

BBC said...

I wasn't looking for anything, I don't tend to go looking for things, it just jumped out at me.

I'm not sure what you mean by the face of the earth. Something some mentor taught you?

Anonymous said...

people who use cards for witchcraft are phonies...

the deck of cards can be explained using numerous categories such as the amendments in the bill of rights, the 10 dimensions in physics, etc

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Vina: Please have a blog about the 10 dimensions. That sounds really interesting... Will you?