Monday, December 04, 2006

The wonder of nature . . .

By Kirsten Nour Namskau

So often do I get questions about the nature and animals feelings and love-life. Do they feel and love, or is it only an “instinct”?
So I ask . . . what is instinct?
These days, the forests in the world are dieing . . . and we say; “It’s because of the pollution.” Are you sure about that?
Before . . . the forests was held with care and healthy cut. Today we wipe it down without care
. . . And it dies . . . it doesn’t grow back . . . it turns into desert.
In many ways . . . the wild-life is the farmers of the nature/forests . . . when the wild-life gets exterminated, it’s no one to care for the nature/forests . . . it suffers and die.
It’s scientific confirmed, that people who talk with their plants have healthier and more flourishing and stronger scented plants than those who only give the plants some water as a duty.
If this is how it works with “house-plants” then this is how it works in the nature too.
(I have experienced this by my self in my own home and with my contact with the nature around me. I will give some examples in the next coming blogs.)
When it comes to animals . . . it is said that the elephants is the animal which show the most love and care for their babies, then comes the apes . . .
I am in very close contact with both the nature and the wild-life as well with all kind of domestic animals.
Do you know how the birds kiss? ~ They rub the side of each-others beak.
When horses, moose, deer, giraffe, and animals alike are embracing each-other, they put the front of their heads together.
When they kiss, they blow in each-others nose. ~ When they want to show appreciation towards the other part, they blow the other part in its ear and rub the head around the others ear. ~ When they want to show the other part trust and respect, they stand front to behind, beside each-other and rub each-other on the back close to the tail.
(This is the secret of “horse-whispering” I will also here give some personal experiences in future blogs.)
Dogs and cats also kiss by caressing each-other around the mouth and under the ears. ~ To show trust and respect, they “bite” each-other in the throat.
Like as well do the animals have a lot of body-signals and sounds we human are not aware of. Partly because we haven’t had the interest of finding out, partly because some of the sounds are on a sound-wave the human ear can not hear. More so . . .the animals easy understand the human . . . it’s the human who don’t understand the animals.
This is because the animals can hear the sound-wave of your thoughts.
(This is the secret if you shall train your domestic animal. To succeed in training your dog, your thoughts and words have to be the same while you at the same time also give the same signal with your hands for the same wanted act every time.)
If you are thinking about one thing while you at the same time give order to your dog about something else . . . the dog will become confused and will not obey.

Once I was walking home from work, it came a street-cat out from the bushes at the side-walk. She was “crying” and looked at me with an intense glance. I stopped and looked at her, then she disappeared into the bushes and came out again with a small kitten . . . so skinny so it for sure would die. The cat looked at me and cried for her child as she “washed” the kitten.
It was no doubt in my mind that she asked me; if I could take care of her baby.
I was heartbroken because at that time I couldn’t. . . I should leave the next day.
(Do you think she acted after instinct or love for her kitten?)

Today I have a small mix-bread of a dog. Once I was walking him early in the morning, he sniffed as always around all places. At certain point he got stacked at some stones and it looked as if he had found something he wanted to eat. I pulled him away and took him home.
Later the same day, when we was for the second “toilet-walk” he couldn’t come fast enough to the place and again it looked as if it was something there he wanted to eat. Again I pulled him away, but he halted. I finally went up to see what it was.
I lifted up the stones . . . and there . . . was a small kitten, max. 4 weeks old, so skinny so I thought it was dead, but it was not. It was this kitten my dog had tried to pull out from the stones, by the tail.
In the same moment it was released, my dog took it in his mouth and carried it home where he put it down in his bed. He looked at me and run to the kitchen and sniffed at the fridge.
I could not act as of I didn’t understand the dog, because I did understand.
I opened the fridge and took some milk in a cup and went to feed the kitten with a pipette.
I gave the kitten a bath and wrapped it in a towel. I was sure it would die, but I did it for the sake of the dog, which had showed such concern for the kitten.
The dog laid down beside the kitten and started to “wash” it and nuzzle it and keep it warm with his body.
Every ½ hour I gave the kitten some milk with a pipette.
After 4 hours, the kitten started to show sign of survival.
He became the foster-father of the kitten and they slept in the same bed. The kitten curled up as it would have done if he had been its mother.
This went on until the kitten was 10 weeks old. All the time the dog cared for the kitten.
After 10 weeks I found a good home for the kitten.
Before I took the kitten to its new home, I told them both that it was going. The dog then started to wash and nuzzle the kitten and a lot of sounds went between them. They took farewell with each-other . . .

As I said earlier . . . I will in the next blogs, tell some of the experiences I have had in the nature and with both wild and domestic animals, which gives a clear sign of feeling and love, respect and concern among animals.
We human have the tendency to believe that it’s us everything is about . . . But do you know what???
Human is the only creature on earth who/which has not been able to adjust itself to the law of nature.
Without the human, the world would have been a paradise . . .
With the human, we have destroyed the world and go towards “the end.”


BBC said...

I contend that all things are part of the living soul of mother earths planet spirit. Did I say that right? Still on my first cup of coffee.

Even a blade of grass has a soul of sorts. And instructions-survive-procreate.

But too many humans have no respect for it all. They don't even have respect for each other.

There are some animals I wouldn't try to get to connected with, not at this point in time and space. Maybe in an other thousand years.

But I understand what you are saying. There is still a lot to learn before it all lives in harmony with each other.

Thanks for the hit counter tip hon, I'll try it.

I live in Gods country, I guess that is why I don't live in Utah anymore.

This area will continue to give life after Utah is a dust bowl. Hugs.

BBC said...

I don't have an email address of your's so I have to tell you here.

My template doesn't have a Blog Header line, not in those words anyway.

It has
/* Header

So I put the code above it, but it still isn't showing up. At the Neo Counter site help files it's not clear where to put the code.

Grrrr, they should be able to make it all simpler.

Hammer said...

Maybe homo sapiens are an alien influence on this planet, that's why we cannot properly adapt.

I had a hypochondriac dog once. He would limp around and cough so people would feel sorry and cuddle him. When the humans left the room he would jump around and play like nothing was wrong.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

bbc: when you have coded it into your Template / header..(it should be aprox. at the middel of the scroll) Only let it stay for a some time. Sometimes you have to wait for the crawler to run you page, before it shows.

Hammer: For whatever reason, the human doesn't suit into the picture here on earth. I have many stories about connection with both animals and nature.

BBC said...

Frankly, I'm tired of the whole experience. Blogger just keeps changing things and I'm tired of having to learn different ways.

And I'm getting tired of the web, it isn't bringing world peace, it isn't touchy feely.

Screw it, I'm going to go touch someone. Take care hon, thanks for trying to help. Hugs.

curmudgeon said...

But without humans, the paradise would have been wasted, since animals don't know paradise.

BBC said...

Curmudgeon.. I disagree with that my friend. Humans aren't the only things on this planet with brains and a sense of awareness.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Curmudgeon & bbc: I will in the next bloggs tell a couple of stories that shows that animals indeed have both brain, feeling and are able to enjoy peace and beauty, love and care....

Lexcen said...

Kirsten, did you know that it is religion that tells us humans are superior to animals? What's worse is when we ignore the fact that animals have feelings,moods,personalities just like humans. We tell ourselves that we have "souls" but that's just bullshit. We are no better than the animals.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Yukon lets us know when it is dinner time. Huskies "talk" all the time, both of ours are very vocal.