Saturday, December 02, 2006

I'm tagged . . . Oh, I hate it . . .

Here is all the kind of taggs circulating, in one go . . . . Enjoy. . .

4 jobs I have had:

1) Spes. Ped. Teacher
2) Massage-therapist
3) Juridical advisor
4) Freelance-journalist

4 movies I would like to watch over & over:

1) Exodus
2) Hair
3) Sound of music
4) The days of Anwar Sadat

4 places I’ve lived:

1) Egypt
2) Israel
3) Romania
4) Malaysia

4 TV programs that I love to watch:

1) Discovery
2) Animal planet
3) Documentary
4) Hallmark

4 places I have been on vacation:

1) Balloon-travel over South Australia
2) With a Bedouin-tribe through the Sahara Dessert
3) The Castle of Lord Dracula in the Transylvanian mountains in Romania
4) 3 month Yoga & meditation seminar in a monastery in Tibet

4 blogs I always visit:

1) Hammer
2) Lexcen
3) BBC
4) Princess Saphire

4 favorite food:

1) Asian food
2) Sea food
3) Middle East food
4) Italian food

4 places I would rather be:

1) New Zealand
2) Florida or Texas
3) Alaska
4) China

4 Vehicles I’ve owned:

1) Fiat
2) VW Polo
3) Nissan Micra
4) Nissan Sunny

5 Weird habits:

1) I walk my dog in the morning before I take my shower
2) I buy veal-rib and veal-neck to my dog, while I eat veggie
3) I take my bath in almost boiling water and stay in the tub for 1 hour(Then it has “normal” temperature)
4) I don’t use nighty
5) I never throw out food ( I always find a way of using leftovers.)

7 words that describes me:

1) meticulous
2) honest
3) caring
4) usually in good mood
5) hot tempered
6) artistic
7) like good food

I’m tagging:

For different reasons, I don't like these taggings. So I am not going to tagg anyone. In all later taggings, I'm going to refer to this one, which holds most of the different taggings.


Hammer said...

I learn something new every day!

Hot water makes me feel like I'm being made into soup.

My dog gets a T-bone steak bigger than he is while I eat salad.

I always sleep fully dressed.

Thanks for putting me on your always read list.

You are on mine as well! Although sometimes I have to think a few hours before reponding to your posts

BBC said...

"Balloon-travel over South Australia"

Now that sounds really cool.

I think that I'm just going to be cranky all day long, nothing is going right. Hugs.

BBC said...

I haven't updated my links list for some time. Maybe I should, after I get used to the new blogger way of doing things. Right now some of the features aren't working for me.

The horrorobscope I didn't read must have decided that this just wasn't going to be one of my better days.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

bbc: I think it's something wrong with the internet too these days.
Everything crushes.

infinitesimal said...

thanks for participating in the tag.

I was interested to know.

Now I know.

Tink said...

Wow. So interesting and such diversity. I too like nearly boiling water, but I get out as soon as it gets about body temp.

Princess Saphire said...

Hee. Thanks for putting me in your list too.

It's too bad that you dun like tagging. I'm pretty sure that there are many readers here who will like to know more about you.

As for me, I just loooove to do questionires like that.