Thursday, December 21, 2006

Is it a virus that cause it . . .

From time to time, mail disappears, even while I am reading it. Mail I send does not arrive to the recipient. Lately when i have made comment on blogs, ensured that they have been accepted and seen it displayed before i leave the site. . . Next time i go to the site, my comment have disappeared. The case is that I don't believe that it has been removed by the owner of the blog, because it doesn't give that sign in the comment-box.
(Latest at the blog of Maricopa Mark and BBC)
I have also had blogs other places where I all the time had the experience that whatever I wrote about, one or another reader of my blog hit the "abuse-button" so I got a mail from the host of the service that I had to remove the post.

I don't think my blog is of the worse. Neither when it comes to use of language, porno, criticism of politic or religion, or anything else that should cause such strict supervising of my blog.
If the reader of my blog don't like it, then they don't have to read it or come back to my blog.

When I go to others blog and see people give comments only to start a quarrel and they come back again and again to continue the arguing, I wonder. . . What kind of people are they? Why do they come back to that blog they don't like? Why do they read it? You don't have to agree with the owner of the blog, but why start a quarrel?
This is my blog and my opinion about this and that. You have your opinion and I would like to hear it, but as grownups I expect people to be civilized.

From time to time I also get these virus-alerts . . . And afterwards I get this well meant information’s; that one can only get viruses by opening files or attachments.

But I have been in the situation where my computer constantly got messed up by viruses, worms, backdoor-Trojan etc. etc,
I had a PC. engineer here every day for months to help me to get rid of the mess.
I tell you . . . I got it by opening ordinary e-mails.
By attachments, through files, through hackers, through pop-ups and more so . . . .
I got it through messenger-chat . . . by code-word.
After installing all kinds of alerts, anti-virus, spy-ware etc . . . discovered that every time one of those I were chatting with on messenger used a certain word, the alert started to blink. . . I had got a virus.
It ended with that I stopped chatting on messenger, changed e-mail address, and didn’t use the computer for long time . . . I had to clean it out . . . hard-disk, files, floppies, everything . . . over and over again.
Now, I have made the habit to clean my Pc. with Anti-virus and Spy-ware and erase the history every evening before I go to bed.
I was told that if you have hackers who open you computer from another place to spy on what you have done during the day . . . they can transfer Viruses from their PC to yours.
I don’t know if this is correct, but after I have started to be major careful I have had no problems.
But . . . Is there any computer-engineer out there who can give professional, correct information? Or . . . is it so that the information also is only half, because it’s business to send out Viruses, so they can sell their work and software to the “infected client?”


Lexcen said...

Kirsten, the comment problem is affecting everybody.
As for virus protection, there are a number of free programs (freeware) that will do an excellent job. I use Avast, and I also have Zone Alarm (also free) as a firewall. You MUST have protection.

BBC said...

The arguing is just part of the journey Kirsten.

I've only gotten one virus in many years, maybe I've just been lucky.

I don't use messenger-chat programs anymore, to disruptive.

Yeah, go figure on the messed up comments problems. Hugs

Hammer said...

Same problem here.

I use this to catch those Trojans and other bad software that get through.

Spybot search and destroy

BBC said...

You was fussing that we shouldn’t say nasty things to and about others, and then on Hammer’s blog you call one a bitch. He, he, he.

MrsJoseGoldbloom said...

Kirsten I was virused just a little while back and it wiped out my whole hard drive. We've got a much better program now and the kids can't turn off the firewall to play their games online.

Mark said...

I don't delete any comments however yesterday I did delete a post that you might have commented on.

Just our luck ;-)

Curmudgeon said...

"...send out Viruses, so they can sell their work and software to the “infected client?”"

Some assholes will infect your computer with a virus/trojan, then charge you to remove it. If you don't comply, it will gather or destroy information.

Just be careful and use AV and firewall protection.

The Phosgene Kid said...

I don’t know what operating system you are using. If you are using Windows, make sure you have the latest version and that all the latest updates have been applied. The Microsoft site has a utility that will check your computer for the latest updates - you should also turn the automatic updates on. A lot of these updates are for security purposes - Microsoft has found a weakness in their software that can be exploited by hackers and spammers allowing them to take control of your computer.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Thanks for all the good advices. Yeah, I had an computer-engineer her short time ago, who fixed it all, but I feel one can never be too careful.

BBC said...

The one time I got a virus I just reformatted my hard drive and started with a nice clean operating system again.

I keep everything backed up and a copy in a safe deposit box at the bank, also, much of my stuff is stored on the Internet.

I don't trust computers enough to think everything will be okay. Like my hard drive could fry. So back ups are important to me. Hugs.