Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Politic or religion. . .

In the western world you have many religions. Inside all these religions you have sects.


~ The Latter day’s Saints
~ The Mormons
~ Jehovah’s Witness
~ The Salvation Army

And more . . .

In Islam you have the same. . .

You have:

~ The Sunni Muslim
~ The Shija Muslim
~ The Sufi Muslim

And more . . .

Wherever you are on earth, you have something good and something bad, good people and bad people, honest people and dishonest people, respectable people and disrespectable people, educated people and uneducated people, rich people and poor people. Even in democratic countries.

In the western world, you do not criticize the government for the religious rules of the different sects.
The government does not interfere in the way the Mormons dress or that Jehovah’s Witness knock at your door or that people “talk in tongues” or have sex-orgies or enforce you to pay tithe, they do not even interfere when satanic organizations have human offerings.

Why is it that the western world blame the government of Islamic countries for what is going on in Islamic sects?
Female circumcision, arranged marriages, murder of honor, etc. etc. is not rules from the government. It is religious rules of some sects of Islam, not by Islam itself.

The government tries to explain for the people, the problems coming with the custom of these sects. But even the doctors try to encourage the people to continue, because they need the money they get to destroy (circumcise) the girls.
Arranged marriage is not always a bad idea. I know young women who want their parents to choose a husband for them. Even myself as youth in Norway, I asked my parents for help me to find a suitable husband. They were not allowed to do that, by law. Not even when I wanted help. . . Is the one more correct than the other??
Although, also in Europe you have the antroposophic sect who are 100% into arranged (read forced) marriages. If you don’t accept the partner the sects authority wish you to marry, because you already are married or have a fiancé, they make problems between you and your present partner until it dissolves itself and then you get brainwashed to marry the one they have chosen.
In Scandinavia, almost all people baptize their children, but they never go to church or pray or even believe in God . . . But, they baptize their children because it is a custom.
It is not long ago you could not get a passport without showing your paper of baptizing, or even get marry unless you were baptized. Right after the last W.W. you even had to show you paper of baptizing when you should start school.
It was not even custom, it was by law ! ! !

When people in Islamic countries tell stories from their awful life and what they have gone through or are in danger of going through, it is usually stories from rural villages, secular sects of Islam and the custom of that particular sect . . . It is seldom a governmental law of the country as a whole.
As we also have read about sects in USA where a whole city (Johns-town per example) was forced to commit suicide because of a sect-leader who maybe got tired of being a leader. No-one ever blamed the president of USA for the mass-murder of those people.

Why do you blame the leaders of Islamic countries for what is out of their hand to control?
Although things has changed in the western world when it comes to rules and regulation . . . Don’t you think things are changing in Islamic countries too as they get more medical information, as the country itself get modernized, as TV and international information channels comes through to the people more easy than before???

Here in Egypt, you can dress as you like. With or without hijab, but I have been in the situation that when I asked for job at a place, I was told: “This is a democratic company, so here the employees are not allowed to use hijab.”
That is the glory of democracy ! ! !

One more thing . . . All the time, I meet people from western countries who always claim to know Islam and the Holy Quran better than the Muslim themselves.
I know that everything is not perfect. . . . But it is not perfect any other place neither.

In California they have human zoo, human Museums, where humans who are kidnapped are hold in cages. They have cinemas where they show snuff-films. Meaning that they show sadistic films where the girl/woman get mutilated tortured and killed in front of the viewers eyes, and it is not film-trick . . . it is real. ( One have to be member of a special club or organisation to be allowed to enter these places.)

How can the president accept that these things happen without doing anything?? Why is he not taken in responsibility for these films?

The rule is: “So long as you make it as entertainment, everything is legal.”

No one gets punished, no one have the responsibility, no one care. . .
On the other hand, they can put children all down to 8 years in jail because he accidental stepped on new-lain asphalt and made a foot-print, and even at an age of 4 one can get reported to the police for unaesthetic behavior, because the child gave the teacher a hug.

This would never have happened in a Muslim country.

Every now and then we read about innocent people who have been judge by death-sentence in USA, but since one already have got the punishment, the real criminal goes free. Who take the responsibility for those people who died in vane by lethal injection??? No-one, because it was done in the name of democracy . . .

Please. . . Get a grip . . . Control yourself . . . Clean in front of your own door . . .

Democracy . . . The hidden hell


BBC said...

“In California they have human zoo, human Museums, where humans who are kidnapped are hold in cages. They have cinemas where they show snuff-films. Meaning that they show sadistic films where the girl/woman get mutilated tortured and killed in front of the viewers eyes, and it is not film-trick . . . it is real. ( One have to be member of a special club or organisation to be allowed to enter these places.)”

Really? Why would anyone want to watch a film like that? They get killed? For real? I don’t think they can get away with that in this country. But, it is weird here in a lot of ways so who knows.

I don’t know the Koran at all, and I’m not about to read it. Tried to read the bible a few times but got so disgusted with it insulting my intelligence that I won’t even look at one now. I think all those old books should be ignored and mankind should move on into a new age of enlightenment.

I can understand getting help seeking a mate. But I think people should have complete freedom to marry who they wish.

And what they do to women over there, I just don’t get that at all. I wouldn’t want a woman that can’t enjoy sex.

Democracy is bullshit in a lot of ways. The form of it we have here is a spin off of the old Roman empire where it, politics, and so called capitalism are married and there are so many smoke screens that it all has gotten very complex.

Basically, it all is just a tool of the rich and powerful allowing everyone else to believe they have more actual say. Democracy should be a simple system, not the piece of crap we have here. Politics should be simple but they are very complex here. And very costly. It’s hard to explain in few words and simply, but I’m fed up with the whole way of doing things on this planet. I have my own ideas how things should be done. But that is never going to happen so I have to bear this. Something tells me that you feel the same way.

Actually, I don't think humans are capable of governing themselves. Mankind has not grown up enough for that yet. That is why I want to be the king of the world. LOL

BBC said...

This world needs to stop raising idiots like I was my first fifty years. :-)

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

BBC: Sadistic people like to watch sadism, bbc. I had an uncle who lived in LA. He used to go & watch those films. And I once had a supervisor at the school I worked at, who had been at the zoo and human museun, where they showed how women got raped and abused in the "stoneage"... It worked also as a kind of place where women got abused, tortured and humiliated.

Yes you're right, bbc...I'm fedup with the world as it is at present time

Mark said...

Jonestown. It was a non-violent sect located outside of American borders so there's not a heck of a lot we could do about it. Still if you believe this is acceptable behavior you'd be wrong. We have our religious nut cases just like every other country. The difference is they are our nut cases and if they tried to openly use violence as a tool they'd be in jail or, as in the case of The Davidian, dead.

Our doorstep will never be clean but it is our doorstep and we defend it "from all enemies foreign and domestic" as best we can.

And no one in our country, in any sect, includes "death to America", or for that matter "death to Islam", in their prayers. It's is allowed by our constitution but would violate the fundamental respect for the separation of church and State. This separation explains why our political leaders are not allowed to be religious leaders.

BBC said...

It's interesting what Google ads come on your blog when you talk about God and religion.

Lexcen said...

Democracy isn't perfect but it sure beats the hell out of Sharia Law.And, if it wasn't for the obligation of Jihad, who would have a problem with Islam? Under Christianity, we tolerate Jews,Jehovahs,Protestants,Catholics,
Scientologists,Fundamentalists,and yes even Muslims. There is no tolerance for other religions in an Islamic state. Democracy is not perfect but at least the individual has much more freedom than under an Islamic state. Of course, for those who don't like freedom, they can always go and live in an Islamic state. And, once you become a Muslim you can never leave, if you do, you are condemned to death.

Hammer said...

When religious extremeists have such politcal power like they do in Iran where the president outlawed the word pizza and is now hosting an international summit to tell the world that Jews did not get massacred by hitler it is disturbing and a affront to human rights.

Most of the terrible things you describe about that happen in America and the west are illegal and not sanctioned by the government.

I guess people are down with Islamic governments because the leaders do not publicly speak out or threaten those who slice off women's genitals or Honor kill women who are raped.

Someone who lets innocents die without using their power to try to stop it is just as guilty as the monsters who rape and mutilate in the name of god.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Lexcen: In Egypt we have both Christians and Catholics too and many have left islam to convert to become a Catholic. Shahira law and Jihad is not practised by all muslim, Lexcen. That belongs to certain kinds of Islam as i have told in the article

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Hammer: Here in Egypt, the government speak out loud and it has been written in the newspaper that circumsision of girls has to been stopped and that it doesn't have any hold in the Quran. Likewise is Honor-killing not accepted and if it happens and the police take knowledge of it, they go to jail.

Hammer said...

Kirsten, I'm pleased to hear that Egypt does not turn a blind eye to these atrocities.

GUYK said...

Kirsten..the difference is in the west the other people of the religion will not allow rioting in the streets because of a cartoon or a slight on their religion. When Muslims who claim to be against the atrocities commited in the name of Allah start standing up to the crazed Mullahs around the earth then I will believe that the majority of Islam is indeed a religion of peace. But until then I will stand by my statements that freedom of religion..basically any freedom..is not compatible with Islam. radical Islam has declared war on the west..it started when they took over the embassy in Iran and has progressed from there. Those who are Muslims but do not fight against the radicals on the side of the west are abetting the radicals by their silence. There is going to be a lot of blood shed before this fight is ober and most of it will be Islamic..the ones who have been afraid to stand up to the raidicals. When the fighting REALLY starts you will either have to be with us or against us..there will be no in between.

BBC said...

"outlawed the word pizza"

For some reason that struck me as funny.

I would never leave one religion to join another, I think they are all stupid.

I have a spirituality that confuses many, but that isn't a religion. I'm just fifty years ahead of my time is all. But someone has to show the way.

I've known for some years now that what I say these days won't be accepted for some time. Well after this body is dead.

Ever hear of the seventy year rule?

BBC said...

Kirsten, most of my comments (like this one) are wrote in a word document and then pasted into a comment box. I still have the text on my computer if things go to hell, and they will.

Umm, one other thing Hammer. I don’t require word verification on my blog either. I just don’t accept anonymous posts and that gets rid of most of the spam. If the people reading all these blogs don’t want to have a blog of their own, that is fine. But all they have to do is get a profile and then they can comment as they wish. There are a number of people that comment on my blog that have profiles only.

(This was also posted on Hammers blog)