Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The lethal mercy. . .

It is amazing to “see” how fast people forget and how they all the time turn everything so it becomes something else than what is was from the beginning,
It is then I understand how all the religious scripts of all religions get changed as it suits the reader and the interpreter of the script.

Under the Shah of Iran, the country was a free country. More free than the western world. They could dress as they liked, use bikini at the beach, and practice their religion in the way of their individual sect’s preference. (I assume it was this which was the biggest pain in the ass of the western world.)
The Shah was a good ruler, honest and respectable and held correct justice.
I have asked many refugees from Iran, who went to Norway and Denmark: “What did actually happen? Why was the Shah over-ruled?”
Without exception and all independent of each-other, they told me; That foreign propaganda-groups came to Iran and started to tell the people that Iran was floating in oil. That Teheran was built on an oil-well but the Shah didn’t want to tell the people and he didn’t want the people to become more rich than necessary. The Shah’s opinion was the people were rich enough.
After years of this kind of propaganda the people started to believe it.
When the Shah tried to tell the people that it was not true what the propaganda said, they didn’t believe him.
Ayatollah Khomeini was not the person the people wanted as a ruler…He was the person the western world wanted as a ruler.
Ayatollah Khomeini and his alike do not represent Islam as whole. They represent a specific sect of Islam.
It was in that moment, when the people saw who came to power, they also understood that they had gone into a trap of the western world’s propaganda. But then it was too late, and it also showed up that they didn’t start to dig for more oil and the people didn’t become more rich….rather the opposite.
But this was how the western world wanted it, so they could come back at a later time again and again claim to help the people out of bondage….right??
Another thing is that when some of these people who escaped under and after the revolution, both from Iran and Iraq and also refugees from Somalia, came to Norway and Denmark, they took their second shock… Discovering the truth of democracy. Some even became insane when they discovered that the whole family not even could leave the country for holiday together. They had to split, because their new country withheld a part of the family as security, to ensure that they came back. In other words, they were not allowed to leave the country again.
Some of the immigrants in Norway try to send their children back to their original country to live with family there, but the government of Norway then run after them and bring them back by force, explaining the lie of that the children was tried to be married away and all kinds of other lies.

I have by myself experienced that immigrant friends in Scandinavia have asked me for help to escape. And I did help them in different ways.

Also here in Egypt we have had several western propaganda-groups who have tried to bring President Mubarak look like a cruel dictator.
These groups made 15 years ago, some sorts of propaganda-films from Egypt. I had a friend who was asked to come with in one of these films. He didn’t know what kind of film they should make, but he got
($ 57.50) LE100,- pr. Day to come with. It was the last day of filming they told the people who had showed up, that it was a kind of propaganda-film of Egypt.
I asked him what they were doing or saying. He told me that they had been told that they would film bit&pieces, so it was not a sequence order of actions. Neither was they told the name of the film it should appear in nor did they get a contract or receipt which told the salary. In other words, nothing that could tell who was behind.
I have been an actress, so I know how things suppose to be, if it is done correct.
When he told me what they should do and say and how they were arranged, it become quite clear to me, that this was made to destroy the country Egypt and give a negative picture of president Mubarak.

When I told my friend and put the bits&pieces together like a puzzle, he also very easy could see what he had participating in. He got traumatized, nothing less.

I have informed the Egyptian government about this case and the possible use of this film.
I have experienced by myself how "foreign propaganda-people" come and try to spread lies and negative propaganda.
Everything is not perfect, but Europe and USA is worse, only in a different way.

When the revolution in Romania started, which itself has nothing to do with the western world, I had earlier heard rumors by the Norwegian Mafia, of how and what they would do when the revolution started. (They obviously knew many years before…..)

Therefore in 1992, short after I myself had escaped Norway, I went to the Romanian embassy and told them the rumors I had heard.
I told them: “Hurry. Check the medical care you get from Scandinavia. Some of the injections they have sent does not protect from illnesses, they contain illnesses, like AIDS and Polio. The same with the blood you get. It is not clean, it contains AIDS.
And . . . Do not accept adoption of children to foreigner without checking the background of the parents first, and stay in contact with the children for at least 5 years after the adoption. Because the major part of those who “want to adopt” are from the mafia, and they are going to give the children growing-hormones, so that a 3-4 years old child will look like 29 after 4-5 months in order to use them in snuff-films. “

But I was too late. . . . They checked the medical care products and found that what I had told them was correct and unfortunately AIDS had already become a child-illness.
They check up on those who had adopted children and also now they discovered that many of the children had already “disappeared.”
They immediately made the rules stricter.

When I went to Romania in 1996 I could with my own eyes see how the so called help-organizations from Scandinavia worked.
Immediately after the revolution, they provoked poverty and collected youth. Some got mutilated to become “better beggars,” they opened bars and porno-clubs where many of the girls were forced into prostitution. The clothes and toys people around had given free of charge to be given to the poor, got sold in second-hands shops run by the charity-organizations. They kept “their people” under strict observation all day. They could not keep the money they got by their “work” as beggars and prostitutes. The organizations came with the beggars in the morning and collected them at night. They were held in places where they got a bed and a bowl of soup and bread. In other words, the organizations were their pimps, nothing less. (Many of the so called religious organizations.)
They organized “street-children” and put them in under-grown tunnels, took photos of them and made stories that they gave to the world as news. But it was themselves who was behind.
I do not say that all the organizations was like this or work like this, but this was the big picture of the facts and I do not see this as any help. This is in my eyes a crime.

Romania had many traumas under Ceausescu, but when they made the revolution, they wanted peace, not another trauma.


BBC said...


"The Shah’s opinion was the people were rich enough."

Ah, greed, it's everywhere. I tell people that they are rich enough all the time, but they don't think so. They want more money and fancier things. Sick planet.

Hammer said...

The US supported the Shah till the very end. I'm not sure which westerners wanted the ayatolla.

That doesn't seem wise.

The Shah did make a huge mistake when he spent $250,000,000 thats two hundred and fifty million US dollars on his wifes birthday party in 1978.

While many were very poor he used this huge amount from Iran's treasury to throw a lavish party for his wife and his rich friends.

This was the straw that broke the camels back and allowed the Ayatollah to return from exile and take over.

BBC said...

That was a very expensive birthday party. This world needs a ruler that is very wise, and not greedy.

Bah, this planet is just a pond with a bunch of scum on it and we can't fix it.

Point a finger at anyone and they go nasty on you because they don't want to grow up and really care about the world.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

BBC: It was the propaganda-rumors which said that the Shah felt the people was rich enough...

Hammer: What they tell in the news is not always correct, especially do the countries involved seldom tell the truth of what they do, to their own people. And I don't think the cost of that party is correct. They didn't travel to the moon. It's a limit how much one can eat, and they didn't invite the whole world. So even if they had had the most costy food, firework and place to hold the party, it would not cost that much. So if that is the cost given to the American people...It is wrong.

Hammer said...

I saw pictures of the shah's party in Life magazine. It showed 70 large tents filled with gormet foods, rare and expensive furniture
and every imaginable luxury.

Even if the price was overstated if the average Iranian heard about or saw this party I would think they would be very angry.

This is what they taught us in school:

By the mid-1970s the Shah reigned amidst widespread discontent caused by the continuing repressiveness of his regime, socioeconomic changes that benefited some classes at the expense of others, and the increasing gap between the ruling elite and the disaffected populace. Islamic leaders, particularly the exiled cleric Ayatollah Khomeini, were able to focus this discontent with a populist ideology tied to Islamic principles and calls for the overthrow of the shah. The Shah's government collapsed following widespread uprisings in 1978 -1979 and consequently an Islamic Republic succeeded his regime.

You may be correct Kirsten the schools and media have lied to me before.

Lexcen said...

The problem with puppet regimes is that the puppets end up thinking they are indispensable and infallible.The saying "power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely". That is why I prefer democracy, no matter how imperfect democracy may be.

Anonymous said...

Tagging you lovely one.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you just move?

BBC said...

All history has bullshit in it, and it's hard to sort it all out.

The English history of America is different than ours for example.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

BBC: YEEESSS ... You just said it correct. What other countries learn about the history of America per excample, is different than what the American people learn about the history of America.
It is like this comcerning other countries too. It is seldom the truth which is told, neither to the one nor to the other.