Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The mirror of life . . .

By Kirsten Nour Namskau

So many ways of experience life
While one is called whore is another called wife.

So many ways of experience pleasure
What for me is torture, is for you a treasure.

Insulting is felt in so many ways
What for you is a title of honor is for me a word of disgrace.

Where is the limit and what is a lie
When the limit is reached is that when you die?

Where does the word “abuse” come in
Is that when you feel the ice you are walking, start to get thin?

Where will you go then, with your complain
When everyone you contact tell you, it’s all in vane

Both lawyer and doctor and friends give advice
They remind you, your choice and this is the price.

They will tell . . . you deserved it since you didn’t obey
And be happy it’s only the kidney they took away

The next time you were told you should feel honored
When they took half of your liver and called you a donor

When also half of your lung is gone
It is then you are told to try to be strong.

When your Master or Devil or Manager say:
“Remember I love you, that’s why we do it my way”

When your vagina is burned, so you are no more a woman
Don’t believe it’s finish, that was only an omen

When they take your back-skin to make you a pillow
Enjoy the softness as if you are in a meadow

Open your hands and with grace receive
The life as a zombie, in which you believe

You are all given “something”, only to “relax”
So you don’t “wake up” and take a prolapse

When your husband or master or devil has friends
With the lawyers, the doctors and members of the governments

Then he is given only two option of winning,
The price which is given in “Lotte-ringen”

Be sure, he always choose you to be the winner
The price of an illness, mutilation or being a billet

So many times I remember . . . the Bible will tell
“They will talk so beautiful . . . about the life in Hell”

What you call Paradise, I call Hell
What I call Paradise, is for you not at all well

So if we tomorrow shall make a new world and norm
Will it be your way or my way . . . or will we both be forlorn?

Because whoever be the ruler in the new world from now on
One will be in Paradise . . . the other in Armageddon


Anonymous said...

yes! i'm the first one to comment on your post.

I like your previous entry. I know that post was meant to be funny but it's actually pretty depressing.

BBC said...

Hum.... You know something? You need to rise above the bible. If you own one you should throw it away.

Paradise is our responsibility to make here on earth, but it is a journey.

Have a wonderful day. Hugs.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

billy: But wherever you make "Paradise" is will still be "paradise " for only some of the people ... for others, it will be like Hell.
For those who are pedophilia per example, or like to be voilent and vulgare ... What shall they do???
The meaning of "Paradise" is induvidual ... Got my point??
The universe needs a place like "Hell" ... For those who like cruelity, submission, violence and wars but it has to be a concrete dividing between those who like peace and those who like cruelity
In order to prevent abuse of the other part, of those on "the other side" of another opinion of what is what.

We have to accept that life and the meaning of life is induvidual.
It is wrong to say that it is only "my" opinion of life which is correct.
Got it??
You are right that it is many soul-less people but they can not help it ... They can't do anything about it. They came from nothing and go back to nothing. We can not expect anything from them.
That is the mistake you do, Billy.
You expect that they shall understand something they don't know the concept of.

Lexcen said...

Kirsten, you're a poet!

BBC said...

I understand very well Kirsten, I understand that humans have to start being raised and mentored differently or there will always be perverts, soulless people, and such.

You are looking at the present, I'm looking at the future. We can't fix today, only the future.

And the future will understand me even if many these days don't. Even if you don't. :-)

Hammer said...

Powerful stuff. I hope some young woman will read it and be able to save herself.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Bit on the dark side, but very interesting.