Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The beautiful human . . . (part 2)

By Kirsten Nour Namskau

I’ve put on weight; I’ve become so heavy to talk with.

I know what you will say . . . this diet is the lousiest diet you ever seen.
But I will tell you something:

This diet is not particular to loose weight, but to detoxify your body and most of the agents in the nourishments work in the way that they purify the blood and clean the bowels by the fibers in the food.

Your brain needs sugar and you bowels need fat.
If your brain doesn’t get sugar, you will have problems with concentration, dizziness and headache.
If you drop all kind of fat in your diet, your bowels will go crusty, they may burst and you take bleeding ulcer.

What is important in this diet; is not only what you eat pr. day, but the combination of ingredients that you eat.

If you are a calorie-freak . . . . This diet holds only 600 calories pr. day including peanut-butter and ice-cream.

This is how the diet works in your body . . . . :

- Peanut-butter regulates the blood-sugar and insulin in the blood. (People with diabetes, should eat more peanuts, fresh, shopped in the salad or in the food.)

- Beet-root (Beets) helps the body to renew the red blood-cells. (Very good for women and anemic people as well as children and people with blood-diseases.) Note; the first time you pee after eating beet-root, the pee is blood-red.

- string-beans helps the body to renew the white blood-plasma and purify the lymphatic system. It holds fibers and vitamin C.

-Apple holds fibers which help to clean out the stool from the bowels + vitamin C

- Banana helps to settle an upset stomach + vitamin C and B

- Grape-fruit contains an acid named chi-nine which helps the body to replace / remove the fat-depots in the body by making the fat-cells burst into smaller bobbles. (One glass of juice or ½ fruit pr. day. Don’t overdo it because then it is like poison in the body. Like salt . . . little is healthy, too much is so dangerous that you can die of it.)

- Cheese holds amino-acid and calcium which is important for teeth, bones and nails.

- Broccoli holds a high level of calcium, iron, phosphor and vitamin C.

- Carrot holds vitamin A which is important for the eyes, carotene which bring the body to absorb the vitamin A + phosphor and calcium. (The more red the carrot is, the better.)

- Cauliflower contains chemicals that helps healing both gastric and duodenal ulcers / or prevent it from appear.

- Cantaloupe (Watermelon) contain a huge amount of glutathione and lycopene which boast you immune-system, Vitamin C, potassium and SPF-agents which is good for your skin.

- Tuna holds omega oils which is good for your joints and actually can prevent arthritis.

- Eggs holds protein and a kind of amino-acid the body can not develop by itself and therefore have to be added through the food.

-Ice-cream holds beside calcium, protein, vitamin A, D, E, K and amino-acid also the bacteria-flora which your body needs to digest the food. (Alternate you can take yoghurt.)
(But ice-cream was also meant to be a compliment at the end of the day for those who have a “sweet tooth.”)

When it comes to meat . . . it’s an idea to use meat which holds fewer calories in itself than what the body needs to digest it. (Chicken, veal or white meat of turkey.) But other kind of meat is also important since it holds proteins the body need, (Hot dogs, mince etc.)
Vegetarians can use kidney-beans instead of meat.

When it comes to fish, it’s important that the body gets a certain amount of omega-oil. This you will find in Tuna and fish with red meat. Fish with white meat is counted as non-fat fish. But a certain amount of omega-oil is a must for you body. (Tuna is the cheapest one)
Vegetarians can use seaweed instead, but will come in lack of omega-oils which may affect the joints.

When it comes to fat . . . it is two kinds, saturated and non-saturated. The fat which makes you “fat” is the kind of fat your body creates by itself by over-eating and high intake of carbohydrates.
Some oils have even a laxative effect, like fish-oils and peanut-oil. (If you have problem getting the stool out of the body you can take one tablespoon salmon-oil, which you can buy at the pharmacy.)

NOTICE: You can drink so much as you want . . . Full-cream milk, juice, water, tea, coffee . . .
(It’s the vitamin A,D,E,and K in the cream of the milk you need. Skimmed milk does not hold these vitamins or in less degree.)

So when your body is free from toxin, it works better with the food you eat and you automatically start to loose weight.
In the beginning you maybe will notice that you loose cm / inches but not weight. That is because some of the fat gets replaced in the body in a more harmonic way.

Each and one of us should go for the comfort-weight, not the static ideal-weight. It’s you who should feel comfortable in your body . . . not your neighbor.

This diet, you shall use only 3 days pr. week. The other 4 days, you shall eat normal whatever you want . . . . only don’t overdo it. Remember that you want to loose weight, and it’s you who have to be serious about it . . . I only help you on your way.
You will not loose faster or more if you use the diet every day . . . . that is to overdo the diet and is not healthy because of the low calorie - counting in the diet.

Train yourself to go to toilet ca. 2 hour after meal. Even if you don’t need . . . sit until it comes 2-3 drops of pee at least. This is to give the message to the brain that this is going to become a habit. After some time, you will realize that you need to go to toilet after 2-3 hours without thinking about it. Your brain has in other words started to give the message around in the body that the food-residue shall out of the system.
In other words: “Listen to the voice of your body.” Unfortunately, we have the habit to suppress the body-signals.

Exercise always improve the result, at least . . . try to go for a ½ hour walk every day outside home. (Not jogging in circle around the living-room, not even a tread-mill. The nature is the best equipment because it’s not level.)


Hammer said...

Excellent diet. I'm doing part of it already but I'm going to buy some of the items I'm missing.

Thanks for posting this.

BBC said...

I like peanut butter, and most of the things in the diet. But I just don't eat much anyway, often I forget to eat, so that is what works for me. You have to be a special kind of stupid to forget to eat you know. :-)

Now, hand over all those peanut butter cookies and no one gets hurt.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Hammer: Tell me how it goes.

BBC: I had it like that myself in a period of time. I had to eat after the clock to remember.
If I have a lot to do...I am still like that.
Maybe that's the key...ensure to have enough to do.

BBC said...

I don't think about eating even when I'm not doing anything, I just don't think about food.

I know that a lot of people eat because of stress, food makes them happy somehow. It just doesn't work that way for me though.

I used to eat a lot, a whole lot, but still never got heavy, just burned it all off I guess.

Okay, what I had for breakfast. Half a container of cottage cheese with some apricots added to it.

Six fish sticks.

Well, I eat what I find here to use. And that may be all I eat today.

Unless I come across some good peanut butter cookies. He,he,he. But I won't go looking for them.

BBC said...

I drink a lot, that is my habit, two pots of coffee most mornings, but I make it weak.

Water through the day, beer at night. I just always have to have something to be sipping on.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Want to detox? Hot peppers and lots of them. They clear the sinuses, sweat out the bad stuff, and fool your body into unleashing its disease fighting arsenal.

I just like food that bites back.

BBC said...

Oh man, hot peppers hurt me. I can't go there. The best I can handle is a warm tit.