Thursday, January 18, 2007

Organ-hunters on the road - Watch out!

From Deathdealer’s blog

Organjeger på Jakt - Vær på Vakt!
13 January kl. 08:00

Jeg holdt nesten på å bli lurt. Men bare nesten. Jeg kom til trikkeholdeplassen - for å ta trikken - men der var ingen trikk. Derimot stod det en stor sort kassebil der. En svartmusket mann, med stikkende øyne, sleskt flir og fett hår, ba meg gå inn i kassebilen. "Erstatning for trikken", påstod han. Og tok meg i armen, tilsynelatende for å hjelpe meg opp stigtrinnet. Jeg tittet inn i kassebilen. Der satt det allerede to intetanende kvinner og smilte blekt. Plutselig skjønte jeg hva som var i ferd med å skje. "Slipp meg", sa jeg. "Du lurer ikke meg. Dessuten lider jeg av hjertefeil, lungeemfysem, skrumplever og fremskreden nyresvikt". Organjegeren så skulende på meg, smilte ondt og slapp armen min. "Stikk", hveste han mellom sammenbitte tenner. Jeg nølte ikke et sekund, men løp bort fra stedet det forteste jeg hadde lært og så meg ikke tilbake før jeg var trygt hjemme igjen. Omsider kunne jeg puste lettet ut. Som sagt, jeg holdt nesten på å bli lurt. Men bare nesten.

Free translation below . . .

Organ-hunters on the road – Watch out!

I was almost trapped. But only almost. I came to the tram-stop ~ to take the tram ~ but there was no tram. On the other hand there was a big black van. A dark-haired man with a piercing glance in his eyes, funny smile and glossy hair told me to enter the van.
“It’s a replace for the tram” He said.
He took my arm to help me inside. I looked inside . . . There were already two innocent women, smiling faintly to me.
Suddenly I understood what was about to happen.
“Let me go” I said “ You can’t trick me. By the way I have a weak heart, pleurisy, and a heavy kidney failure.”
The organ hunter looked at me with a scowling glance, gave me a malicious smile as he dropped my arm and said between clenched teeth: “Run.”
He didn’t have to tell me twice. I run away as fast as I could and didn’t look back before I was safe in my own home. Finally I dared to breathe again.
As I said . . . They almost got me . . .



Hammer said...

That's messed up.

And the govenment is censoring him for saying these things?

BBC said...

Norway has a very high rating with Amnesty International, Hammer. Check Norway out on the CIA site and Wikipedia. I think someone just has a bone to pick with Norway for some reason.

Things are pretty transparent there as far as I can tell, they most likely just want a wacko to be quite.

It will be interesting to see how this drama unfolds. If it's true and enough people learn about it then it can be stopped.

But first there must be solid proof that it is going on.

Just in case though, I've put in an order for a couple of breasts.

He, he, he.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Don't ask the inhabitants, because they don't know anything of what's going on in their own country. Like BBC ... he has not even followed the news about USA, where kidnapped children can be held in captivation for 4 years without any neighbours notice anything wrong !!!!

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

This is not only about Norway...This happens ALL OVER THE WORLD, BILLY ... ALSO USA.
Please, open your eyes and GET A LIFE.
Read and listen, also to the news you DO NOT WANT TO KNOW ABOUT !!!

Anonymous said...

hey kirsten, i see BBC is causing trouble again.But i thought you and BBC were such good friends? since comments on each other's page are always filled with each other's comments.

Anywho, anyone who adores or cherishes their children, and even their lives would find these stories terryfing.

Although i'm all against overpopulation, i would be devesated if my child was kidnapped for his or her organ. But since i don't have any loved ones in my life i don't care. Although if i had met the victims it would be a whole different feeling.

Ignorance is bliss in these cases.

BBC said...

I didn't say there wasn't things going on in this country Kirsten.

There are sick people here as well, but kidnapping children isn't the same as killing people to eat them.

And I still don't believe it happens there, not on any scale anyway.

BBC said...

You don't know what news I follow lady. I'm sure I knew about it before you did. I just didn't mention it is all. :-)

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Winai: Thank you for your cheer. This proof what I have said many times, you never KNOW who is your friends. The one closest is maybe your biggest enemy, that why they try to stay so close, to get the details in your life to use it against you later.

I don't think it is by no surprice more and more people suddenly have got the urge to become vegetarian all over the world.
By myself, I am also becoming more and more vegetarian, even without thinking about it, my siblings eat only fish and chicken/turkey, my children buy the whole or half animal and my exhusband only what he hunt himself.

BBC: I am not going to let my blog become a place for harassment, neither of me nor anybody else. I have, at an earlier point, deleted a comment which contained harassment towards YOU.
If you can not comment in a proper way or in a way that suits a worls-leader, as you claim you are, I will look at our friendship as closed.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

When it comes to organ transplant...I have in 1996 written a "life-will" in Denmark and even had to pay a fee to get it official and medical accepted. This will says that I do not accept ANY kind of organ transplantation, blood-transfusion or artificial life-support in the case of lethal illness or accident.
This has nothing to do with neither religion nor anything else than after my opinion, My life is not worth more that anybody else’s. NO ONE should have to die to give ME life

This is how far the world has have to apply for your right to die.

Lexcen said...

I have heard for many years now that China is active in trading in human organs for transplants, using executed prisoners as the source of the organs.Of course, with China, there are no facts or hard evidence but who would doubt this story?
Also, I have seen a documentary about poor people in third world countries selling off one of their kidneys for a substantial fee.