Saturday, January 06, 2007

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The puppy of the street . . .


I have a small mix breed of a dog I took in from the street. When I walk him in the area early morning and again in the evening, he uses to play with the other street-dogs. I don’t care if he gets a louse or two because I bath him with lice-shampoo after all.
Lately is has been a few puppies around who use to come and play with Dexter. For a few days one of the puppies has not been there, but that is not unusually neither, since they come and go.
The other day, when we had our morning-walk, the one puppy was still not there.
When we came home, the small puppy met us at the door.
I thought he wanted to come in so I was just about to shush him away again but he seemed so pity. He lowered his head and in a way curled up.
Although Dexter was excited to see him, he only gave a faint cry.
I bend down to stroke him and comfort him when I discovered a cut in his hip so deep so I could see the pelvic bone. He obviously had tremendous pain and I understood that he simply came to ask for help.
I also could see that the wound was some days old but could not grow together since it was so deep. It had to be stitched.
I took him with me and went to an animal shelter where they examined him. They took an X-ray which showed that he also had two fractions in his pelvic bone.
In all his pain, he only licked our hands, also when the vet examined him. It was as if he understood that we wanted to help him.
The shelter told me that they will keep him for about 14 days and make sure he will heal completely before they let him out again in a secure area, unless they find a good home for him.
I paid half the bill and will return back and pay the rest in the end of the week. The vet told me that I can come whenever to visit him to be sure they do a good job.
I called yesterday, and she told me that they had washed and de-lice him, given him antibiotic and cleaned the wound, but they could not do the operation on him yet because he had such high fever.
It was obviously that he had not eaten for several days neither because of the pain, so they tried to bring him to eat and gave him intravenous feeding.
I am so thankful towards the shelter that they take such good care of the animals, even if they are only street-dogs.


BBC said...

There are pretty good animal shelters here also. 'Humans' often seem to care about more animals than humans though.

Otherwise there wouldn't be thirty thousand humans dieing of starvation everyday. Not to mention all the killings in the wars. I favor saving a human over saving a cat or dog.

Go figure.

Hammer said...

Knowing most humans end up biting the hand that feeds them, I prefer dogs over people.

I've rescued many dogs that have become faithful loyal lifelong companions.

I've fed and rescued the same number of humans and all they did was try to steal from me, complain about what I gave them and end up destroying the items I gave them to help them survive.

Except for poor and hungry children.poverty is a choice for adults that either refuse to work or refuse to overthrow the governments that steals all the money and food.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Hammer: I so agree with you...

The Phosgene Kid said...

I prefer the company of dogs to that of humans by and large. Dogs have no hidden agendas and won’t turn their backs on you in times of trouble.

Good on you for helping the pups!!

BBC said...

Cats rule !!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Right, cats aren't too bad once you get past the fur. I like mine lightly grilled.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Phosegen kid: Yeah...Here in Egypt, they DO eat cats and dog and as the poverty takes over, they eat more and more, because they take the animals from the street. No food.
What can I say???