Sunday, January 21, 2007

The humans trust & ignorance/
the authorities indifference . . .

We are the world . . .

It is we, the ordinary people who are the world. It is we who have to react on what is going on in front of our faces if we want a better world.
To show ignorance and indifference towards the authorities and the crime going on in the world is to give them space and free hands to continue.
The biggest problem is; that usually one is not heard or believed, if one tell something out of frame.
The same is in the case with the kidnapping of Shawn Hornbeck. Would the police have believed him, if he, when he came to report his bike stolen also told that he was kidnapped? NO . . . Is the fault with him? NO. . .
If he had told the neighbors, (that though he was the son of Mr. Devlin,) that he actually was kidnapped . . . Would they have believed him? NO . . .
His parents made a web-site in the hope to find their son. Did they investigate all the hints of that “maybe this is your son, because they look alike”. NO . . . It is no such thing as “RANT” in these kind of cases ! ! !
If we want a better world, we have to start listen, open our eyes, act and react and believe what people try to tell us, even if it is out of frame.

Let us start now . . . .
Let us make a better world to live in.

The report below is taken from FOXNews, 20.January 2007

VANCOUVER — Marnie Frey called her parents for the last time on her 24th birthday. Lynn, her stepmother, answered the phone to hear Marnie giggling, wheedling for some birthday cash. Mrs Frey was reluctant, knowing that it would be spent to feed her heroin habit.
She told her daughter that a parcel was on its way, with clothes, food and toiletries, things low down on her daughter's shopping list for life on the mean streets of the Downtown Eastside, Vancouver. The thank-you call never came.
Rick and Lynn Frey would not learn what had become of their daughter until after a frantic search that lasted five years. Her remains were unearthed on a pig farm in Port Coquitlam, on the outskirts of Vancouver. The farm belonged to Robert Pickton, known as "Uncle Willie," a pig farmer well-known for the parties that he threw for prostitutes and bikers at his quasi- legal drinking club, the Piggy Palace.
Investigators dug up the remains of one woman after another, from body parts to minute traces of DNA, until the count came to 30. Four could not be identified. The other 26 were among the names of 67 women who had disappeared from the Downtown Eastside streets. On Monday Mr Pickton goes on trial for six murders, the only cases in which body parts survive.

Few of the details of the evidence have been made public in Canada, where strict publication bans have muffled preliminary hearings.
But what has come to light is grim enough: butchered body parts discovered in a freezer; a woodchipper, confiscated by police, where the women's bodies were believed to have been disposed of; and the public health warning that the pigs believed to have been fed on human remains were then slaughtered and put into the human food chain — along with, perhaps, human meat itself.

At jury selection, the judge warned potential jurors that what they would hear would be "like a horror movie". But this time, he told them, they would not be able to switch it off.

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Hammer said...

I wonder how many "farms" there are out there.

BBC said...
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Lexcen said...

Indeed, it's a well known fact that pigs are are good means of getting rid of a body, of course they do leave the skeleton behind.
Also, another incredulous fact is the rampant white slave trade, where white women are kidnapped and sold to middle eastern countries (I'm being deliberately vague here) as sex slaves. Also, women are enticed with the promise of work overseas, and then they are taken and dumped in a foreign country where traders collect them and sell them as sex slaves.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Lexcen: It is a huge business. More so, often the government is involved themself and it takes place... Right in front of our eyes.
In my next book, I have vaguely mention one case of two cases that took place in Norway and that I know about and can proof and have by myself shouted loudly about official, several times.
The one named Carmen Furentsia who was kidnapped in the lead of the Norwegian government and sold to Fadil Khalifa Al Sabah in Kuwait,
She was kidnapped in 1986 and sent to England to make some cosmetic changes, then given to Fadil in December 1989 while Fadhil was visiting Tenerife.
The other one named Anne-Marie and was sold to Fadil's friend one or two years later.
They are both alive, easy to find, but no one care to do anything.

The Phosgene Kid said...

I am just happy that for once somewhere besides Wisconsin was the site of a cannibal story.

Princess Saphire said...

I have recently read a magazine on the plane about a country, where children and women are kidnapped for all kinds of abuse, and there is nothing much the people can do about it.

Even as families marry their daughters at a young age hopping to prevent them from being sexually assulted, prove to be helpless. These girls were usually rape and sold to some other places to be prostitutes. Of 75 arranged marriaged, 60 does not see the girls again.