Monday, January 15, 2007

Eternal life . . .

For century, people have prayed for eternal life. What do they actually mean??
Do they feel that the life here on earth is sooo good, so they want to live for ever??

Or do they mean something else . . . per example:
Do they mean to be constant reincarnated into a new life, after death?

Or do they mean to continue an eternal life after death, in the spiritual world?

What if you ended up in “Hell” after death . . . Do you still want an eternal life??

If one get reincarnated . . . can one get reincarnated into something else than a human?? Per.ex. : Can one get reincarnated into an animal??

If you get reincarnated as an animal . . . Do you still want an eternal life as that animal??

If you get reincarnated as something else than a human . . . Do you believe you can choose by yourself, what you get reincarnated into??


BBC said...

I have never prayed for eternal life, for fifty years I never even thought of it, didn’t believe in it, and could have cared less. It’s just in recent years that I have come to believe in it, that I am a part of the living spirit. I still don't pray for it, I just accept that I’m a part of it.

You are always living in two worlds, this one and that one. That is why your thoughts are often on that one and wanting it to be that way here.

“If one get reincarnated . . . can one get reincarnated into something else than a human?? Per.ex. : Can one get reincarnated into an animal??”

If you are the ALL, you are the ALL. I really do wish that you would stop thinking of it as reincarnation, but see that it is omnipresence. And being in the human physical form is the most interesting, don’t you think?

Anyway, have a great day. Hugs.

BBC said...


What a blah concept. Those silly monkeys and the way they think.

Hammer said...

People pray for eternal life because they fear death.

I would venture to say the majority of religion is based on the fear of the unknown thing that happens after you die.

Personally I think ther is something to reincarnation. Why else am I remembering things and people that I'm not supposed to.

Little kids will often tell you who they were before they were born. They usually forget by the time they are four.

BBC said...

Hammer, it's your omnipresence that remembers that.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Hammer: Well, we are on the same wave. As a teacher, I have several experiences of what you talk about.

BBC: It is only words ... My next book describes more the thought/line you are refering to.
There I tell/proof what you are talking about.
But what is you opinion about clonings and sub-human that are created in labratories without any connection with human, not born by a human, not nurtures by human?
Are they also omnipresence

Mark said...

I believe I'll find out someday. Or not. Either way I don't have a choice so I won't worry about it.

BBC said...

Anything that is here that can sense it's presence is part of the omnipresence. It doesn't matter if it is a cell in a dish or a blade of grass.

Now, is it more important than say, a whole human? I have to say no. It's just part of a journey to a better understanding and figuring out things.

And in the end, making them better. God tinkers with God seeking ways to improve God.

BBC said...

Hey hon, it is not "only words", there is a big difference.

Say, have you been getting the emails I send you?

Lexcen said...

Is there any practical purpose to re-incarnation? Since we can't remember our past lives or remember what we've learned from our past life experiences,we make the same mistakes again and again, what's the point?